05/06 – What’s Goin’ On….

Just an update for people wondering what I’m up to. First of all, I’m absolutely loving it up here in Washington State. I feel like I’m “back home”. I am totally blown away by the strength and talent of the arts up here. Very inspiring and I’ve made a lot of great new friends in this area.

AIDA went very well. I conducted that at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon Washington for three weeks, show finished in April. Very soon I’ll have pics posted. That show was produced by the Theatre Arts Guild of Skagit Valley and I had a total blast working that crew.

Right now I’m in rehearsal with Annie Get Your Gun with Lyric Light Opera. Show will run three weeks in July at McIntyre Hall and then two weeks at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center. While doing that we’re starting to prep for Seussical produced by Meta Performing Arts, I’ll conduct that at McIntyre Hall in November. If you haven’t been to McIntyre Hall, check out the opening flash sample at http://www.mcintyrehall.org/ – It’s an amazing performance venue.

I’ve been music director at Mount Vernon Presbyterian for several months now and am totally digging it. The choir has been very adventurous to perform a wide mix of music from Mozart in Latin to modern Gospel music. The group averages about twenty members and is growing. This week I’m starting to work on some original anthems and liturgical music for them to sing at the services. The congregation here is very warm to me and appreciative of a wide range of music styles. I have also enjoyed the theology and studies I’ve been involved with so far. If you’re interested in finding out about Presbyterians – Visit the Presbyterian Church USA website.

PIPE ORGAN! – The church has an 8 rank pipe organ. Real pipes, what a treat! I’ve been taking organ lessons for several months now working on pedals, etc. Also been learning Hammond and Wurlitzer organ technique. My instructor loves Bach and Hammond Organs, so we get along great. I’m a total Bach nut, so to finally start playing some of Bach’s work on a real pipe organ is a real thrill. Some friends at the church have been taking me to organ and choir concerts. That has been incredible.

INTERNET! – Today is the first time in a long time I’ve been able to work on my sites again. I’m finally caught up on orders and will be bringing back more of our forum communities shortly. Amazing it’s all still running, now I can start building it again.

STUDIO – After a two year hiatus, the studio is now open again! I’ve set it up in my house with dedicated rooms for tracking. For now I won’t be open to the general public. I’d like to focus on writing original sheet music and soundtracks for now. It’s so beautiful to see everything running again. For info on the old studio visit Road Records.

GETTING OLD – Yes, on May 27th this year I turn 40. Yikes! Fortunately I have rehearsals all day so I don’t have to think about it.

I guess the most exciting thing about it all right now is that I’m able to once again start working on original music projects again. There’s a lot of irons in the fire, I’ll post more about those as each one is finished.
And to close, my favorite line from the Desiderata:
Remember that in the face of aridity and disenchantment, love is as perennial as the grass.



One thought on “05/06 – What’s Goin’ On….

  1. Wow! It’s great to hear about the many and exciting things you have
    on the go. Don’t think you need to worry about turning 40…not when
    you seem to have the energy of someone half your age! (Again, please
    forward your secret, as I’ve made this request several times.)

    Enjoyed the flash presentation, hearing what’s new and upcoming, and
    look forward to reading your next update.

    I send you a birthday blessing from my childhood:

    Many happy returns, to the day of your birth,
    May sunshine, and gladness, be given,
    And may your Father prepare you on earth,
    For a beautiful birthday in Heaven!

    …love, love, love…that is the soul of genius. (Mozart)

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