After conducting a show I stopped by McDonald’s and got my meal wrapped in the coolest Mickey D bag. One side featured Mr. Dae Jun of South Korea – a university student, orchestra cellist and “McDonald’s crew and Global Casting Star”.

So this is a shout out to Dae Jun. The top photo featuring our official Dae Jun McDonald’s bag shows Joe Bischel (left – principle cellist for the Seattle Philharmonic) and Sharon Sparling (right – also cellist with the Seattle Phil and a regular in my pit orchestras). Our official prop mistress holding the bag is Rebecca Wright (middle), my first call bass clarinet, oboe and bari sax player.

Below is a high quality scan of my official Dae Jun McDonald’s bag, complete with french fry stains. Don’t doubt for a minute that I bring you the highest quality news reports from around the world folks.

To my fashion friendly friends in LA:  please note the dual hairstyles on the bag. That’s right. ONE bag – TWO  hairstyles. How can you just not totally love McDonald’s?.

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  1. because... says:

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