World Record – Largest Vocal Range

Georgia Brown is a Brazilian singer noted for her extensive vocal range. As of 2005 she holds the Guinness World Records for hitting the highest vocal note and for possessing the greatest range, which spans exactly 8 octaves from G2-G10 using scientific pitch notation. She also has 5 octave of singing voice


8 thoughts on “World Record – Largest Vocal Range

  1. Gah, I thought I could’ve even had a chance at this record. >:c
    I’ve got one of the highest in Louisiana… perhaps.
    I was the highest soprano in Louisiana All-state chior and
    I think I only have like 2 1/2 range though Q_Q *sadness*
    (Although, that is almost sort of an entire piano’s worth of notes :3)

  2. 2 and half octaves isnt an entire piano. 😀 i have about that much. wish i had more. all i can do is keep training.

  3. 2 1/2 octaves is more like half a piano, almost. I personally have a range of at least 3 octaves, though I haven’t really measured, so it could be more.

  4. Hey guys…
    This seems like a “brag about your voice-range” discussion!
    I am Australian and over here we say that 2 1/2 octaves is “not bad”, but it’s certainly not “half of the keyboard”. 😉 No-one gets to choose their voice range and there are some fantastic singers who have a pretty average voice range but produce an amazing sound. Just look after your voice, practice your singing, eat well and don’t drink soft drink, so that even if you DO have a small voice range, you will have a great, clear sound. :)

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