Cirque Du Soleil ZAIA on Aomen TV – Macau, China

*Note – Some people from outside Asia have told me the video doesn’t stream well which is too bad. This video is a nice overview of the show with some artist interviews.

ZAIA – 重访梦幻剧团


5 Responses to “ZAIA – Aomen TV”

  1. suz says:

    Amazing show. Beautiful memories. Delightful Conrad! Thanks for sharing. 😉

  2. stevie j. edwards says:

    It is a shame we the world have no great artist to look to these days…where is are picasso…no voice, no eyes,no ears.we all have lost some thing I fear!!!

  3. Kathy Jo says:

    Because most of the talent the world will never see because they aren’t beautiful, rich, popular or the child of someone famous!!!

  4. stevie j. edwards says:

    “Pluck Me Not”

    Let not our hearts fade via the roses plucked for their beauty…set in their prime till the human eye did behold. One cut and their time is set, I much more prefer them to open and close with that primal star of old! By: Stevie J.

  5. stevie says:

    She, beauty stole my young heart. But art robbed my youthful imagination and placed these’s lines of grief upon my face… this boney hand I rise to mark my small spot on a dead blank white canvas, Let tomorrow write the narrative!

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