A Cirque Birthday

It’s my birthday today (May 27 – a day ahead in China) which is not interesting in itself, but two kind of funny things:

Did you know you can send greeting cards from the Cirque Du Soleil website? A friend sent me this and I thought it was awesome: Cirque Du Soleil Conrad Birthday Card.

And if you wonder where I get my sense of humor from (most call it a curse…), my Mother played a good birthday trick on me. She had everyone and their brother send me a birthday message. So today (I’m a day ahead of the West because I’m living in China) I got swamped with birthday greeting emails. That was very fun.

And you know what I get to do on my birthday? Rehearse the newest Cirque Du Soleil show in their new theater. And THAT is the best birthday present of all!

FYI, the software WordPress is 5 years old on May 27.

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