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I am trying to get into a good music school for music production, vocals and maybe even to have my own music label. I’ve been singing for 8yrs and my goal is to make my own music and sing for a living, I LOVE IT. It’s my passion. I was wondering if maybe you had a good choice of school for these specialties.??


Great question. One approach is to find people that are doing what you want to be doing; then find out which schools they went to.

This is an extremely incomplete list – but schools that consistently turn out great musicians:

  • North Texas State
  • Berklee
  • UCLA
  • University of Washington

*Note* – I would recommend attending a university rather than a trade school. Especially for audio production and engineering. Exceptions for “player schools” would be the IT group in Los Angeles like PIT, KIT, etc.

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  1. Good choice! The arts (as you probably know) are very rich in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle area. Lots of opportunities in many genres. I was raised in the Seattle area so I might be a little partial….

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