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brigadoonposter.JPGUPDATED 06/28/07 – Please check for updates.

Brigadoon Musicians – this is your official page with all the info you need for our 2007 run with Lyric Light Opera of the Northwest. Please bookmark – all changes and updates will be done on this page.

Read about Brigadoon on Wikipedia

OPENING NIGHTS – July 13 and September 7 – 5pm call time to run music.
General Call Times for Orchestra – 6pm for Fri-Sat – 12:30pm for Sun (90 minutes before curtain)
July 13-15, 20-22, 27-29 McIntyre Hall, Mount Vernon, WA
September 7-9, 14-16 Kirkland Performing Arts Center, Kirkland, WA
Fri./Sat. 7:30pm, Sun 2pm – for both venues.

*NOTE* Our weekday “optional” rehearsals are not optional for musicians, they are optional for me to call.

July 12 Thurs – 6pm-11pm Dress Rehearsal – McIntyre Hall
July 11 Wed – 6pm-11pm Dress Rehearsal – McIntyre Hall
July 7 Sat – *CANCELLED*
July 5 Thurs – 6-10pm – Run thru with Cast – MVPres
*NEW* July 3 Tuesday – 6-9pm MVPres – Will call sections that need work
June 30 – *CANCELLED*
June 28 Thurs – 6-10pm – Songs with Cast MVPres
*NEW* – June 26 Tuesday – 6-9pm MVPres – Will call sections that need work
June 23 Saturday – 10am-3pm – Orchestra at MVPres
June 16 Saturday – 10am-3pm – Orchestra at MVPres
*Note* – September 6 Thursday – 6-11pm – Kirkland Dress Rehearsal

(Cut starts at first designation, orch. enters at second marking)
7 – Bonnie Jean – Repeat B to repeat sign for Verse 1, 2, 3.
7A Dance – Cut G-L, Cut N-Z, Cut 6-8
NEW 8 – At G repeat back from B-D, then on to G. At end Attacca to 8b.
8A Rain Scene – Cut All
NEW 9 – Love of My Life – Repeat first 2 bars. Cut verse 3 (B to repeat 3rd time), in other words repeat from B to repeat sign 3x only instead of 4.
11A Dance – Cut D-J (also cut pickups into D).
NEW 14b added (not in score) – Lundie Scene music TBD.
16 Entrance of the Clans – Tacet F-End (Bagpipes play here)
19 Sword Dance and Reel – Cut F-O (NOT Q “cue” but O “oh”)
NEW 22 – The Chase – STOP and cut from two measures before Y, including pickups.
NEW 22A – Scene Change – At end, jump back to #22 (Chase) and play from two before Y (including pickup) to end.
NEW 24 – Glen Scene Opening – Repeat first four measures of “A”.
NEW 24A – Repeat first two measures.
NEW 25 Funeral – Tacet WHOLE SONG. (Bagpipes play, timpani enter at end by cue)
NEW 27 – Scene Change – Vamp Boogie Woogie section 8 bar phrase, end of vamp we’ll continue to play the last three bars. In other words, vamp the 8 bars from the cut time Boogie Woogie section until cued to wrap it up with the last three bar closer.
NEW 29 Scene Change – Cut last six bars (bagpipes will take over).
31 Exit Music – Have all songs prepared. We’ll probably end up doing #3 “Almost Like Being In Love”.

Percussionist Notes
15 – Play chimes starting 6 measures from end. Will be cued over music. Should sound like church wedding bells. Sparse hits, use your judgement – just alludes to wedding bells.
17 – End of 17 as music has stopped. Drum roll – When Mr. Lundie says “Ay lad, ye’re married” then play full on wedding bells solo. Both will be cued.
25 – Funeral – Play snare roll under first part with bagpiper. Then bagpiper plays solo with dancer. At end of dance as they exit you will play light timpani hits – will be cued. End section will be: hit – hit – long roll – several hits (all soft as cued).

16 – Play “Itchy Fingers” style when timpani stops. Will be obvious. Orchestra stops and timpani plays solo for 4 bars, then you come in. This is the “Entrance of the Clans”.
25 – FROM STAGE – Funeral – You enter on the last chord of 24b (Dance music) and play a Funeral Procession with a snare roll under you. Make a definite stop, then begin the Funeral Dance (solo dancer will perform to your music). You will exit stage with funeral procession.

MVPres – Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church – 1511 E. Broadway, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
McIntyre Hall – 2501 East College Way, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Kirkland Performance Center – 350 Kirkland Ave Kirkland, WA 98033


06/12/07 – Scores are in! Pick up at MV Pres.


1) Musicians need to wear all black clothing for shows.
2) Musicians need clip-on music stand lights, stands will be provided

Produced by Lyric Light Opera of the Northwest.

Getting to Kirkland Performance Center

350 Kirkland Ave
Kirkland, WA 98033

By car:

From Interstate 405 North and South:
Take Exit 18 and go west toward Kirkland on 85th Street to Third Street. Turn left on Third. Turn left into the parking garage under the Kirkland Library just after the Kirkland Transit Center. Kirkland Performance Center is one block east next to the outdoor swimming pool.

From State Route 520 Eastbound:
Take the Lake Washington Boulevard exit, driving north along this boulevard for about two miles to downtown Kirkland. Turn right at Kirkland Avenue, which is the first light you reach in downtown Kirkland. Drive two blocks, and turn left on Third, making an immediate right into the parking garage under the Kirkland Library. Kirkland Performance Center is one block east next to the outdoor swimming pool.

From State Route 520 Westbound:
Take the 108th Avenue NE exit and continue north on 108th Avenue for about two miles. This street becomes Sixth Street South; drive to the four-way stop at Kirkland Avenue and turn left. The theatre is one block ahead on the right. The parking garage is located just beyond the theatre, on the right, under the Kirkland Library.

Free four hour parking for Kirkland Performance Center is available in the Municipal Garage underneath the Kirkland Library. The library is located at the corner of Third Street and Kirkland Avenue just west of Kirkland Performance Center. Please do not park in any of the lots around the theatre belonging to other businesses.
By bus:
The Kirkland Transit Center is one block west of the theatre. Major bus routes include 230, 231, 234, 251 and more. Call METRO at 206-553-3000 or visit for more information.


  • Conrad —

    I’d be glad to do the MV performances (trombone) at McIntyre Hall.

    Saturday mornngs I have students ’til 12 (or sometimes just ’til 10), so I may need to arrive late. Would that work out?

    Rob Queisser

  • Conrad:

    Please read your email and let me know about those dates. Also, would you post the rehearsals for Brigadoon in Kirkland? Thanks for picking up my tether for my bass. (I usually use my own stool, which is the reason that I forgot to take it. Sorry)

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