Skagit County, WA farmland photos


Photos of farmlands in Skagit County, WA on Easter evening 2016 after a light rainfall. This area is known for it’s tulip fields where tourists visit in the spring every year to tour the local farms. It’s a breathtaking area to drive and take in the local sights. We affectionately call this area “God’s country.”

This is my first venture into nature photography. I look forward to improving my skills. The process of taking these photos is an adventure in itself and very fulfilling.

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Lyman, WA photos

I had a great time taking a break to take some photos in Lyman, WA. Particularly I enjoyed the rustic landscape and looking for interesting textures that we might overlook on a brisk walk.


I’m always amazed how just having a camera in hand can change our perspective for what the eye notices in it’s surroundings.

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iMovie and YouTube Video Upload Quality

I keep making the same mistake by uploading iMovie videos with the automated “Upload to YouTube” option. The videos uploaded this way look absolutely horrible. I just did a vacation video with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon lenses at 24fps with great video quality – but the upload looks worse than my old $300 Casio camera.

So convert the iMovie videos first onto your hard drive then upload through your YouTube account. I mean it’s just a boring vacation video but $4,000 of Canon gear should look better than a $300 Casio right?

Canon 5D Mark II and iMovie 09

I just love my Canon 5D Mark II camera that I bought a few months ago. But there are issues with the footage being jerky when using IMovie 09. I haven’t quite had the time to jump into using Final Cut yet, so until then you can use a free program called MPEG Streamclip to fix the video stuttering.

There’s a great article here that will explain exactly what do to:

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