Christmas Gift for All Forum Members on Christmas Day

*Read Update on Bottom* – On Christmas Day there will be a gift from me for each and every forum member. I am very excited about this. No, it’s not just a picture, or a poem or a song. It’s a unique gift to each and every member.

On the top of each forum will be posted “Click Here To Open Your Christmas Gift” – Click that link for your present. We have tens of thousands of members and I realize not all will want the gift. But I think most will. It’s a gift that I myself would be excited to receive, and those are the best kinds to give.

This is also a thank you to all the members that have been so supportive of our communities.

So on Christmas Day after you’re winding down with all the fun things there are to do, check the forum to open your gift from Cybermonsters. I think you’ll like it!



*Update* – I have spent several weeks working on this and there are still too many security flaws in the operating system. So the grand Christmas launch is cancelled. However, during the process I happened across several other items which I’m working on now to enhance our community experience for members. My apologies.


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