Comments on Brigadoon 2007

I don’t normally post comments about shows I work on because it seems a bit haughty with me being part of the production team. But Brigadoon 2007 at McIntyre Hall really is a fine production. On the music end, the orchestra is really incredible. Not too far a stone’s toss from a 5th Avenue pit group.

This is one of my last shows in Skagit County before I go back on the road and I hope friends and local theater folk have a chance to see this production. This show does great honor to McIntyre Hall and to local theater folk who put their heart and soul into the arts.

And to the McIntyre family of Skagit – I don’t know you, but your generostiy in creating McIntyre Hall is helping to propel Mount Vernon, WA and surrounding areas into rich fertile soil for up and coming artists.


Wonderful! Such a beautiful time we had!
Thoroughly enjoyable;hope you will do more in this great theatre
This was by far the best performance I’ve seen in the area.
This is the kind of show I dreamed McIntyre Hall was built for.
Enjoyed it completely!
Terrific! What a great production for the community!
Magical! I love the story, the dancing, singing, and message.
I really enjoyed combining professional and local talent. Fantastic idea! Keep up the good work!
Very professional–good scenery and acting

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