Darwin Recanted on his Deatbed

Think about this:  Galileo was forced to admit to the public that the Earth was flat by the Catholic Church. Does that make the Earth flat today?

Now fast-forward to Charles Darwin and the claim: “Darwin recanted the theory of evolution on his deathbed”. I saw that posted again today on a creation debate discussion forum.
No, he didn’t. Sorry, it’s just not true. I thought this had long been put to rest, but saw it posted yesterday on one of my creation vs. evolution discussion websites.

This is a very old and untrue argument (if it can be called an argument, doesn’t really even have a bearing on anything). In fact, it is such an untrue statement that even the creation flagship website answersingenesis.org says not to use it.

Here’s from http://www.answersingenesis.org/home/area/faq/dont_use.asp

“Darwin recanted on his deathbed.”

Many people use this story; however, it is almost certainly not true, and there is no corroboration from those who were closest to him—even from Darwin’s wife Emma, who never liked evolutionary ideas. Also, even if it were true, so what? If Ken Ham renounced the Bible, would that disprove it? See Did Darwin recant? and Did Darwin Renounce Evolution on His Deathbed?


From http://www.christiananswers.net/q-aig/darwin.html

It therefore appears that Darwin did not recant, and it is a pity that to this day the Lady Hope story occasionally appears in tracts published and given out by well-meaning people.

If you’re still using this argument, please check out the other arguments they also list as no longer in the creationist arsenal. There’s plenty of new ammunition they’ve come up with. (That is equally silly, but that’s another conversation isn’t it…)

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