JP Patches and the Simon Says Scam


Somebody gets a little ticked when JP hands out suckers instead of $100 bills. Or better yet, what happens when JP Patches promises $100 to the winner of Simon Says and doesn’t pay out?

Note to the little kid who got pissed: You were right on. You should NOT have backed down. JP owes you $100 my friend. And a note to Mr. JP: You know most of us loved your show as a kid. You and Gertrude were the bomb. But come on now – this skit wasn’t funny. Pony up and pay the kid. I have spoken. Make it so….

Check it out at 3:30 when the kid yells “Liar”. JP says “he’s going to be an attorney” and asks for an apology. Kid – You’re my hero, your parents raised you right.

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