Lyrics – I Release and I Let Go

rickie-bb.jpg Lyrics for I Release and I Let Go as performed by Rickie BB (Rickie Byars – Beckwith) from AGAPE. Visit for more info or to purchase CD’s of her music.

When you see her perform live it is moving beyond words. Several years ago I attended her music workshops at AGAPE. She is on the forefront of incorporating chants for worship in a contemporary setting.

Rickie Byars-Beckwith, a prolific composer, singer, performer, and music director, is widely known as an intuitive channel of healing music. Her songs are a profound experience that open the heart, touch the soul, and lift the spirit.


There was a time in my life
I thought I had to do it all myself
And I didn’t know the grace of God was sufficient
And I didn’t know the love of God was at hand

But now I can say
If you are discouraged
Struggling just to make it through another day
You got to let it go, let it all go
And this is what you have to say

I release and I let go
I let the Spirit run my life
And my heart is open wide
Yes it’s only up to God

No more struggle, no more strife
With my faith I see the light
I am free in the Spirit
Yes it’s only up to God

9 thoughts on “Lyrics – I Release and I Let Go

  1. Hi Rickie,
    You and your husband are simply AMAZING!
    I used to live in LA and can not wait to move back out and be a part of your beautiful community!;)
    I am not able to find the album that has ” I Release and I Let Go” . Can someone please let me know were to find it so I can purchase it?

    Peace, light and LOVE,

  2. I have been struggling this summer, dealing with contractors, thinking I knew more than they do. It has been an emotional roller coaster. Today my brother Ken called and reminded me of your song “I release and I let go”. I have sung this many times but had been trying to do things on my own.
    I am thankful Spirit guided Ken to me and reminded me to let go.
    I thank you for listening to Spirit and inspiring you and you sharing your beautiful lyrics. Sincerely Judith Kron

  3. I would like to purchase the music for Ricky Byars-Beckwith’s song: “I Release And I Let Go”. I have the lyrics but not the music. I want to teach the song to my choir at Faith Congregational church in Hartford, CT. Please help me get a copy of the score to the lyrics of the song.

    Ruth Bass-Green

  4. I Ricki
    Hillside Truth in the house!!
    Your song came up in my Spirit Im releasing things in my life finally.
    So im using your song to get me through this transition of releasing.
    Hurry home to Hillside we miss you and Micheal. .

  5. What is the origin of “I release and I let go”? There are several versions of this song.

    Is there any relationship between this song and songs with choruses of the same melody such as “Keep your hand
    on the plow, Hold on”, and “United Nations makes a chain. Every link is Freedom’s name”?

  6. It just hit me that, rhythmic and inversion variations notwithstanding, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine” is also pretty much the same melody.

    I find all these similarities fascinating, and I would love to see how they pull together historically. I did find information on the political rewordings of “Hold On” but not on the relationships of the others.

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