Macau Patacas and Hong Kong Dollars

Thought I’d share a little practical info on the usage of Macau Patacas (MOP) and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

Both rates fluctuate a bit – but currently in 09/08 the Macau Pataca (MOP) is about  774 to 100 US dollars. Most of us just figure 8 to 1 and leave it at that. 100 HKD is worth 103 MOP.

Businesses in Macau will accept Hong Kong Dollars, but Hong Kong will not accept Macau Patacas (MOP). Unless you are making a large purchase many businesses do not give an exchange rate for HKD – so when shopping in Macau you will save some money by purchasing in Patacas instead of HKD. Most businesses have signs that say: 1 HKD = 1 MOP . In other words, no exchange.

Macau Patacas only have value in Macau – my understanding is you cannot change the money outside of the general area of Macau. So if you’re going to stock up on cash, better to do it in HKD for when you travel.

When going into China I have heard that they do not accept either MOP or HKD – so you have to exchange for Chinese currency.

I’ve made the mistake of trying to give Macau coinage in Hong Kong – and the retailers really scoff at it – as if you’ve presented them with bottlecaps or seashells.

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