My First Trip to Hong Kong


I finally ventured out of my new home in Macau, China and into the big city of Hong Kong. It was just a day trip so we hit the shopping stalls in Mong Kok (Called the “Ladies Market”) and then onto the clubs in Wan Chai at night (the Ghylo party district).

At the Ladies Market in Mong Kok is a smaller version of the full shopping found in Zuhai in China – Lots of knock off and imitation products including Rolex, Ed Hardy clothing, True Religion jeans, handbags and similiar designer products. You have to barter which is a hassle for us Westerners, but that’s the way they do it. You can get 30-60% or more off the asking price if you like to work hard at it. I was usually happy at 50% because I don’t have the patience to barter, and the prices are much cheaper than what we’re used to in the US anyway.


A normal sight in Macau and Hong Kong – whole chickens to be purchased, still complete with the head attached. And I’ve had chicken soup served before with a full chicken in the pot, head and all!


Then onto Wan Chai – the party district with dozens of “juice bars”. Be careful, I’m a little of a juice bar veteran and we got fleeced in nothing flat. I suggest walking into these places with $50 US ($400HK) and leave the rest with a friend or in your sock, no joke!

*Note* – Someone asked me if we got robbed or pickpocketed. No, we didn’t – they are just very good at separating people from their money.


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