2001 Space Odyssey Opener

I find this incredibly disturbing so I’m posting it in the hopes that it incredibly disturbs you as well. And now ladies and gentlemen, the official 2001 Space Odyssey opener. (Mmmm…Also Sprach Zarathustra or something like that)

Pan Law – Recording and Mixing

Pan Law, in practical application, states that  an audio source, of equal amplitude and phase, that is played in both channels of a stereo system and panned from center to left or right  will sound natural to increase 3db.

Read the Wikipedia link below for more details. (Actual change is 6.02db for perfect response and perfect acoustics, but practical application for most speaker setups is to think 3db).

Read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_law

SWTOR Massive Beta Testing Begins November 2011

BETA testing just opened for everyone that signed up early and opted in. See you soon in The Old Republic!

SWTOR.com is Star Wars the Old Republic – an new MMORPG game from Bioware, Electronic Arts and Lucas Arts. Video above are some of the design team stating their opinions of the Sith Inquisitor vs the Trooper. Mmmm……I think I’m sold on the Sith Inquisitor. For those of us playing SWTOR that used to play Warcraft (which is probably most everyone) this seems a little like the Orc Warrior vs. a Rogue with some Mage abilities.

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Email Q&A: Who wrote Ave Maria

Email question received:

I read quite a few articles on the internet but still not sure who actually first composed Ave Maria, despite so many name changes to the music.  I read that Bach, Schubert and Gounod were at least the three persons  associated with Ave Maria but separated by hundreds of years apart.  The music on Youtube and other places are the same for all three.  Can you tell me?

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Justin Bieber raps

Justin Bieber raps live during an interview with Power 106FM. I know we all like to make fun of the Bieber but this is actually a pretty good rap. I’ve run a rap artist forum for over 10 years and members there were like “ORLY?” – they give respect to the Bieber.

I think Justin should hire me to orchestrate a hip hop album for him. Now THAT would be very cool. Wouldn’t surprise me if JB ends up having a very long career like Frank Sinatra.

Guy LaLiberte – From Street Performer to Billionaire

Barbara Walters interviews Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy LaLiberte.

“One of the things that makes billionaires successful is their reaction to failure.”
– Robert Frank, Wall Street Journal

That is such a great quote. Maybe not in the context of billionaires, but in the context that to be successful there is usually a lot of risks and with that comes occasional failure. It’s how we react and use those failures that can help propel us to each new chapter and goal.

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Halloween Sound Effects

Conrad Askland’s Haunted Mansion Sound Effects released October 17, 2011.

This was a very fun, exhausting and scary project to work on. The fun part was I improvised a lot of different creepy pipe organ, harpsichord and piano music to create a feel I liked for the different Halloween themes. My favorite part was playing a lot of JS Bach style pipe organ bits interspersed with the expected Halloween tritone movements.

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Email Q&A: Fiddler on the Roof plot antagonist

Email question received:

Hi Mr. Askland,
I am trying to break down the storytelling structure of Fiddler on The Roof.
I would like to talk to you, briefly, about who is the antagonist. What is
Tevya’s want. What’s his need. What you think the filmmaker’s statement is.
Norm Jewison said Fiddler’s about trying to maintain traditions in a
changing world. Do you think he’s saying that it is important or that it’s
not important to maintain traditions in a changing world.

Kind regards,

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Haunted Mansion Organ Music

Original organ improvisations by Gaylord Carter for the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. If you’re into vintage theater organ improvisation I think you’ll really enjoy this video.

Learn how this man created the spooky organ music in the Ballroom of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Find out how it was made, who wrote the music, who played it, what organ was used, and hear the first version that was never used.

ProTools Optimization for MacBook Pro

My projects are getting larger in ProTools 9 and my MacBook Pro was starting to strain a bit. (2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB ram 1067 MHz DDR3 on Mac OS X Version 10.6.8). Here’s info to optimize your Mac laptop for Digidesign Pro Tools 9. Probably works for optimization with ProTools 8 and below and other Mac computers as well.

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Email Q&A: What Is a Music Producer?

Email question received:

hi i’m joseph i’m just intersting to know what is a music producer, what are
there jobs and what do they do

My Answer:

Hi Joseph,

Direct answer to your question is that a music producer produces music. I’m not being a smartass when I answer that. A music producer needs to produce music. And actually I think for many up and coming artists that doesn’t really sink in or connect.

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Zaia 2011 Promotional Video

Cirque Du Soleil’s ZAIA show promotional video released September 2011. Zaia is the resident show that opened in August 2008 at the Venetian in Macau (SAR) China. Acts in the video include Straps, Trapeze, Hand to Hand, Gypsy, Skate, X Board, Aerial Bamboo, Lion Dance, Firedance and of course Zaia’s dragon. Music composed by Violaine Corradi.