Peter Pan, Hook and Wendy return to the Historic Lincoln Theatre

*Update* – This performance run cancelled due to Covid-19.

I am thrilled to announce that META Performing Arts will be bringing back my “PAN the musical” in November 2020 to the Historic Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA. I wrote the Book, Music and Lyrics to this show, based on J.M. Barrie’s “Peter and Wendy”, back in 2013 where META premiered this musical at the Lincoln Theatre.

The response to this show back in 2013 was very positive with 7 out of 10 full house standing ovations and reviews that included “Askland creates magic again” (Entertainment News Northwest).

As with my musical “Romeo and Juliet”, I have high respect for the original stories and I always try to keep the original story intact without trying to be “too clever again by half.” My PAN the musical is the tradition Peter Pan and Wendy story, but with a few twists for modern audiences that don’t take away from the original story. I won’t spoil what those plot changes are, but I can tell you that when I first told people back in 2013 some of the modifications the response was a shocked “You did what?!”. Yet, those changes resonated very positively with audiences. One thing I love about live performance theater is that the real experience is what the audience experiences in real time, and that experience is often very different than how things look on the printed page. It is always first in my mind to create and write for the stage and I always visualize the stage and audience experience as I write. So in short, I anticipate that this 2020 run of PAN the musical will be even better than the 2013 run and that audiences will be fully satisfied with the experience.

PAN the musical will perform in November 2020 at the Historic Lincoln in Mount Vernon, WA. Presented by META Performing Arts (Multi-Cultural Education in Theater Arts). Auditions will be June or July 2020 and audition info and signups will probably be posted in April 2020 on the META Performing Arts website at

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