Pro Tools Midi Chunk Errors

“Could not complete the Open Session… command because bad data encountered while translating MIDI Chunk List”

Digidesign ProTools error when opening a new session or importing a track from a previous session.


  1. Your work is lost. Try any backups that do not have errors.
  2. Reinstall ProTools and start new sessions.

Your work is gone. It is not retrievable. You cannot fix it. That’s word on the street and I don’t have any different news for you.

Yes, that’s VERY bad news. Just happened to me as I’m finishing up an album. Google it yourself on the ProTools forums but everyone I’ve seen have this problem just lost everything. I’ve spent about an hour on the phone with Digidesign support over this problem and was told to reinstall ProTools.

I am currently running ProTools TDM 5.1.1 – this error is also found on LE and yes, even on HD systems according to forum posts I’ve read on this.

Yes, you’ve lost everything and it is not retrievable. Sorry.

My fix? I’m going to finish my project in one monster session and keep everything running. Think I’ll keep the coffee pot loaded…

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