Question about Ed Sullivan Adagio Acrobatic Trio

I received this question via email from a reader. Having no idea what the answer is I’m posting it in case someone else knows.


Could you please tell me if you could find out the name of an adagio acrobatic trio that appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show?

It definitely was not The Bal Caron Trio or The andrea dancers, or the Keoni Dancers or The Saddri Dancers or The Three Wiles or Trio Gypsys. or The Dior Dancers. It was the best adagio act I had ever seen.

It consisted of Two six ft tall men wearing regular black tuxedos and shiny black patent leather dress shoes that tied. The girl was a tiny petite blonde haired girl she wore a black bathing suit outfit with black ballet slippers she must have been a
tiny double jointed contortionist because she was just like rubber. One man circled her around his waist like she was his belt or tuxedo cummerbun wrapped around his waist as her body was facing outward wrapped around his waist tightly and he spun around and around in fast circles while she was wrapped around his waist like a belt or tuxedo cummerbund.

Both men took his turn of doing different acrobatic lifts and spins to her one man used her as a single jumprope and her jumped over her body several times while he was holding onto her two ankles in one hand and in his other hand he
held onto her two wrists and she was in a horizontal position like a real jumprope and her brought her body up and down and around and jumped over her like a jumprope.

One man put her body across his shoulder like the letter T and spun around and around in circles  then she locked her feet
around the other man’s neck and hung upside down on the front of him as he spun her around and they did other adagio lifts and spins and balancing to her even both men used her body as a double jumprope too.

It also was not the three Cottas either In 1951 the trio Hurricanes were on the Ed Sullivan Show maybe it could be them or there was another act called Kay, katchas, and Kay see if it was them or The Hermanos Williams trio or see if you can find out what the name of their act was.

The great trio I saw danced to the music of The Can Can or The Sabre Dance song please find out and email me back soon as I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.



If you have any knowledge about this, please post a note here on the blog. Thank you!

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  1. I posted an email question on May 27th about the Adagio triio performing on the Ed Sullivan Show does anyone know who this trio is? Please respond soon thanks.


  2. Conrad has anyone found out yet who that adagio trio was on The Ed sullivan show? I have not received any emails yet has anyone emailed you Conrad > Please email me back soon thanks.


  3. Hi Wayne,
    Still no info. This question on this post comes up now in Google for “adagio trio” – so if that’s the right name someone will eventually find their way here.

    I did find this info on an adagio duet in 1970:

    1020. Ike & Tina Turner Revue / Sonny James / Tiny Tim (edit)
    Community Score
    7.5 Good
    First aired: 1/11/1970

    Guests: –The Ike and Tina Turner Revue – “Proud Mary” & “Bold Soul Sister” –Tiny Tim with the Enchanted Forest (an all-girl band) – “Earth Angel” –Tiny Tim & Miss Vicki (Tiny Tim’s wife) – Tiny Tim sings a medley of old fashioned love songs to Miss Vicki –Sonny James – “Free Roamin’ Mind” & “It’s Just A Matter of Time” –Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (comedy team) –Flip Wilson (stand-up comedian) – talks about his preacher, Reverend Leroy, & the preacher’s wife (who, after shopping, tells her husband, “The Devil made me buy this dress”) –Karen Wyman (17-year-old singer from New York) – “Time and Love” –Vino Venito (sword balancer) –Carter & Lynn (Adagio dance duo, from Detroit, Michigan) –Audience bows (cameos): Miss Vicki’s parents, Tiny Tim’s parents; the Kessler Twins

    CBS repeated this episode on July 26, 1970.
    Guest star: Karen Wyman (Herself), Flip Wilson (Himself), Tiny Tim (Himself), Anne Meara (Herself), Jerry Stiller (Himself) , Vino Venito (Himself), Miss Vicki (Herself), Sonny James (Himself), Tina Turner (Herself), Ike & Tina Turner (Themselves)

  4. This adagio act sounds like Flight Four. This was formed by Ron Bone with Jay when he left The Dior Dancers after a disagreement with Bob Ganjou.

  5. Thanks Janet! I searched youtube but could not find anything for Flight Four Ed Sullivan. Hopefully the information you posted is helpful for the original poster.

  6. Janet
    Do you have any videos of Flight four the adagio act that left the dior dancers please email me back soon janet thanks.


  7. Janet do you have any video tapes of the adagio act Flight four. please email me back soon and let me know thanks.


  8. Sorry Wayne and Anon, I Don’t have video. I know they appeared on Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Would have been a year or so after the split with The Dior Dancers,which happened in 1967.

  9. Hi Wayne. Ron Bone is alive and well and living in Sunbury on Thames. The Diors only did one Ed Sullivan Show. Flight Four did International Cabaret TV from the Talk of the Town and worked around the Continent and South Africa before he fell in love with a beautiful Austrian model girl Heide (sic) and bequeathed the act to his adagio partners and then he & Heide toured Europe from Hamburg to Rome and beyond to S. Africa again and the USA where Ron modelled as the sea captain for Phillip Morris cigarettes as the Merit Man for seven years. He believes the girl in the two man acro-adagio act on the Sullivan show could have been Margaret Thatcher before she went into politics ! Names of acts in those days which come to mind were Holgar and Delores, Halama & Konisky etc. Hello Maureen and Janet ! Who are you and still as lovely as ever ?

  10. The girl in the dior dancers was Marion Morris, neice of ken morris who was the band on the Charlie Chester show. I am trying to find her, any ideas?

  11. I’m not sure I’m ‘The Maureen’ in the post. HoweverI am a Maureen who went out with you for some time but it ended in The Queen’s Elm’ in Fulham when for reasons I won’t publish here!!
    Email me if you are curious!!
    Those were the days way back then weren’t they?
    Best wishes

  12. The girl in the Dior Dancers was Merrion (not sure of the spelling) not Marion.
    She married Bob Ganjou. Recently she was Queen Ratling for The Lady Ratlings.
    Janet Grayson replaced her for a short time in the Dior Dancers when she was indisposed.

  13. That’s correct Norman. I left them as I had a bruised spinal chord. I did work with Cracked ribs and open sores on wrists and ankles, but the spinal chord was dangerous as I couldn’t feel the grips properly due to pins and kneedles in my hands. Anyway it was an experience.

  14. Hullo Janet. You should remember me and Sylvia, we worked on many films with you. You came for a workout once to Putney with a boy called David. You also knew my brother Bill.
    I have just published a memoir. called My Life A Balancing Act.
    You can get in touch if you wish.

  15. Re the original question.
    There is a clip of the Bel Caron Trio on the Ed Sullivan Show. on U Tube
    announced as such.

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