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We’ve rearranged the online battle forums at RapDogs.com – Used to be a hierarchy of ten progressive levels; we’ve simplified it to three levels. The ten levels were a little bit cumbersome. I had hoped to have the battle progressions automated but wasn’t able to make that happen. With over 15,000 members on that site it was very time consuming for mods to hand-approve members to successive levels.

That site uses PHPBB and I also have a lifetime license for the Invision forum platform. If anyone has a solution for battle results to be automated please let me know. I spent a considerable amount of time with overseas techs trying to work out details for this but couldn’t get it finished.

For those that don’t know what RapDogs.com is – it’s my online hip hop forum community. General demographic is males age 13-22. They “battle” each other in text raps that they write and post. Then members vote on the best rap and members keep their scores, or “battle records”.

This forum is a great way for kids to work on their rap poetry and improve their skills. RapDogs.com is one of the few forums I run that has no censorship, and as a result does not run any ads. Members also trade hip hop beats online and get feedback on their recordings. RapDogs.com was one of the first battle forums on the internet, and has a pretty strong street rep as being the Grandaddy old skool hip hop community online.

Why is Rap Dogs important to me? The members, mostly kids, are very serious about improving their skills and rap lyrics, which is actually a form of poetry. Rap Dogs gives them an honest and open community to fully express themselves during the very difficult years of adolescence. It’s much better they use their time to focus on art in my humble opinion.

Rap Dogs is run by a group of volunteer MC’s that have been amazing over the years in building that community. Kudos to the Rap Dogs crew!

27 thoughts on “RapDogs.com New Battle Forums

  1. i love your site RD. I enjoy leaving post and having responses from it. It give me the chance to learn and work on my rap lyrcis alot better. Ive been in that site for a week now, but for some reason i cant access the site anymore. everytime i try getting in to the site. It say “this site cannot be display” i know it not my connection because i have a highspeed connection and it running right now as i type. If you know anything about this. let me know i would appreciated alot. thanx for the awesome site. I hope i can access it anytime soon.

  2. Hi ArTisTic AmBiTiOn,
    My forum networks have been running pretty solid for several months now. Please email me if it is happening again. It is always possible you or a friend that uses your computer was banned from our site. New members are usually ones that get banned if they do not read the rules. So the question is, Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

  3. i been going on RD for over 6 weeks now and have over 400 posts. i really enjoy spending time on RD i have ocasionally battled but i prefer to write lyrics and spend time reading others lyrics.

  4. Ive been using the website for a while now… Its really great. Have really improved my skills.

    However, its been down for the past few days. Whats going on?

    Hope its back soon…

  5. RAPDOGS.COM UPDATES – In case members check here, we are currently migrating to a new server and performing software updates. Site will be down for two days, back up on February 6, 2009.

  6. Hey conrad, Just checking back to see if RD is up yet..

    Is the speculation true? Will the new link be forum.rapdogs.com?

    Also if you want some help with the front page, like coding and such I would be more than happy to help out..

    Hit me up on my email

    Thanks conrad,



  7. Hey Anonymous – THANK YOU. There was a DNS issue. We moved to a new host and I forgot that the old host required I use their DNS nameservers. I just updated the DNS so should propagate within an hour or so. In other words, RapDogs.com was down and I didn’t know about it until I saw your post. To answer your question, yes I still maintain the website.

  8. What’s good admin, too anybody who doesn’t know what rapdogs is. This is probably one of the best forums online. This is a great community for emcees to grow and elevate their skill. But not only is it about the music, I feel this is a great outlet for troubled youth like myself. I joined the site 6 years ago when I was 14 and had a lot of personal issues(now I’m 20 with 4,000+ post count). I lived in a ruff area and didn’t have a stable home. Rapdogs kind of was a father too me, it taught me not only about music and the art of hip hop but also life lessons and gave me great advice when I had problems in the real world. It made a big part of who I am now, and for that I thank the community of rapdogs.

    —City Limits—



  9. Hey skitz and AR One I was wondering the same thing man. Seems the site is gone at this point, hoping I’m wrong and it’ll pop back up.

  10. Hello all – RapDogs was closed in August of 2017. I think I started the site back in 1998 or 1999 so it ran for almost twenty years. There were constant security problems with forum software and I went through several different software formats over the years (phpbb and Vbulletin). When the security problems would happen while I was touring it was just too time consuming and expensive to keep fixing them. The last run in July 2017 cost me a couple thousand dollars (along with other forums) to fix and then three weeks later another wave of exploitations surfaced. So in short, I just couldn’t keep up with the time and finances to keep it running. It was more the time involved in each fix.

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