Seussical the Musical – Set and Costume Photos

seussicalprogram.jpgHere are pictures from community theatre and professional productions of Seussical the Musical. You can use them as reference to get your creativity in flow for creating your own production. These are NOT photos of the show I am conducting for META Perfoming Arts. As of this posting we haven’t opened yet, I’ll have pictures of our production posted later. Of course, I consider our production to be the ULTIMATE STM presentation. 🙂

Visit my general Seussical the Musical category here on my blog for lots of notes on set design, orchestration and musicians, costumes, etc.

Also on this post are pictures of Seussical the Musical flyers, different costume approaches to the Cat in the Hat, Who costumes, JoJo outfits, Who’s hair and costume design, various scene set designs, Horton and Sour Kangaroo costumes and whole set photos.

See detailed Seussical Set Construction from the Spring High School Website

Samples of flyers for Seussical the Musical.






Different looks and costumes for the Cat In The Hat. Some people like using makeup, some don’t.









Various character and stage set photos of Seussical the Musical

































123 thoughts on “Seussical the Musical – Set and Costume Photos

  1. Wow Im in Seussical the Musical and im the “JoJo” i LOVE IT so much any-ways i have to go i have to do a play right now… so Bye!

  2. u rock i was the sour kanga roo for the play in mount vernon washington state u are socool

  3. What costume did you use for the sour kangaroo? My daughter is playing the part in a production and we are wondering about the costume?

  4. OMG this musical is going around the WORLD!!!! im in south australia, and our school is doing this musical, im a nool, i get to be a toucan ohyeah! its gonna be sooo cool! i nearly cry when jojo almost dies!!!!!
    gtg, love seussical!

  5. The show I’m choreographing and directing has the Sour Kangaroo in a “hip hop” style costume with a neon fuzzy hat. I found the hat at a dollar store, but the overall look is great!

    You can also do a search under “costume catalogs” for various styles.

    I hope this helps!


  6. im trying out for MAYZIE LA BIRD and i was wondering what song i should sing? and what vocal range does she need?

  7. I think Mayzie is the most fun role in the show. Mayzie is a Bette Midler type personality, a worldy, brassy party girl. She has a “torch song” in Seussical, I would recommend a torch ballad – a song like “You Be Good to Mama, Mama’ll be Good To You” or “Cry Me a River” (jazz standard) or something from Fairly Modern Millie, etc. Off the top of my head Mayzie’s rang is Bb-D (from middle C to an octave up) – Good range for an alto or mezzo-soprano. Break a leg!

  8. I’m trying out for seussical the musical soon, and I don’t know which part I should be. I just got finished doing the play High School musical. I played the part of Gabriella!
    What part would I be good for?…I’m also very small for my age(14). I like a lot of singing parts, or at least some!

  9. Hi Sara,
    Without knowing your vocal chops and just based on the fact you performed the part of Gabriella – I would say good roles for you in Seussical are an older JoJo or Gertrude. Both roles are very fun.

  10. I was wondering a little more about the seussical story line. Is JoJo on the planet of who? How much of the story is he really in? Do you know where I could get a good book or description / video or anything of this musical? THANKS!!

  11. AWwwwwww yes im doin seussical jr. im trying out for Mayzie Gertrude and Cat in the hat i really want to be Mayzie o i guess i ll post later

  12. I’m in our school production of Seussical & I love it it’s awsome!!!:)…..But I have to know where did you get the feathers for Mayzie LaBird’s tail…In our school musical I’m Mayzie!!!!!;)

  13. omg this thing is so good i am in qld and this play is at our school i am sour kangaroo and i cant wait to do the real thing it must be going aruond the world or some thing

  14. heyyy i am also doing seussical and i am playing the sour k and i was wondering if it is best to acctually dress up as a kangaroo or like a hip hop type outfit with kangaroo acsents???

  15. Hahaha I’m bird girl #2. My drama class has been working on this for soooo freakin long. We almost tired of it. But we’re gonna pull it off just fine. =P

  16. Hi im going to be making the costumes for ALL!!! the characters X_X so i need some help trying to make the costumes need pictures D: i looked at some costumes but i need like all of them anyone have a website with all the characters costume pictures?

  17. i was in it too, but it was the jr. vresion i was mrs. mayor! I wore a skirt, lihgt yellow sweater, and a yellow blazer

  18. I’m The Sour Kangaroo. I can’t wait until my school play! My costume is gonna be crazy with lots of purple! Maybe it’ll be on youtube! Yell, cheerio!
    -Becca aka @u$$i3 (that means aussie. It’s my nickname in the play)

  19. Okay, me again! Yeah, I’m in 8th grade, and my play is November 7th and 8th, Dempsey Middle School. Hopefully, it’ll be on Youtube. AND, you can check me out on youtube! Look up on channels: accebatsilak. That’s my username. Also look up my web show (with my BFF Megan) The Not So Secret Life of Becca and Megan. Bye!

  20. I think Mazie is the most conceded role in the whole play. And the girl who’s playing her has a tendancy to get roles that are really conceded. She played Sharpay last year an now Mazie. Well, I hate her so, I guess those characters fir her.

  21. OMFG! My school is doing seussical and i’m a bird girl…HARMONIES ROCK!! I have so many friends that are in it to…i am friends with the cat in the hat ( ily Liam ), mayzie, gertrude ( ily lil ) and horton (ily Jerr)…My afve song is All for you!!! The play is nov. 14 and 15 at HH wells MS in Brewster NY…Stop by! Also, Bird Girls have to make their costumes…any ideas? Cuz i’m thinking lotsa sparkles and loud blues (getrude) and no red (Mayzie) SO PLZ HELP!!! SEUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. There’s a McGurkus photo on this page with costumes but no makeup. There are many different ways the costumes can be approached. Your costume designer will do it for you or assist in the design. Have fun!

  23. we were a part of da play!lorelei [friend] wuz mrs mayor! here are some tips fr the prt.NEVER wear a puffy dress as your costume!you want to look a lil bit like Jackie o.

    well me a who i did not like the play that much.

  24. I am in love with this play!!! My school is currently doing it and i portray the part of the Sour Kangaroo. (her songs are amazing!) We are having soooo much fun doing this play and it really is a work of art. We are putting on the show this coming February. Wish me luck! (or rather tell me to break a leg, haha)


  25. jessica
    yeah im doing suessical too at interlakes and i play the sour kangaroo and i get to be mean for a change and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  26. My son is in the Seussical production at his middle school and I’m wondering how you created the cloves. We’re having a hard time finding materials to use and would appreciate any info. you can provide.

    Thanks for your time!

  27. I am in “The Seussical Jr.”, and I have to come up with some set ideas for “Whoville” and “The Jungle of Nool” . We have to come up with a set design, and we have 1 backdrop to paint, yet we have to put 2 places on it, and they are the 2 I mentioned before. They must “BLEND”

  28. Hello,
    Im in the crew for Seussical Jr. and I was wondering what you used for the your bathtub please contact me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. HI,
    I’m the director for an elementary drama group also doing Seussical Jr. in April. We made some awesome Who costumes really easily. We used bright colored felt, made a jumper with a wide bottom and a deep hem, then put hula hoops in the hem so they stick out. THe kids are wearing bright colored shirts and wild tights under them and they are great. Very cheap and easy to make.

  30. I’m trying to find an easy way to make the egg, net and tree. Any ideas? I have a drum major platform to work with, it’s on wheels with a wide top.

  31. im mayzie la bird in our school play and just realized that she has a lot of songs to sing in this play! so if you like major parts try out for mayzie!

  32. I’m Mayzie in our production of suessical jr. We are doing it in about two months. It’s going to be a blast. But My best freind thats a guy is the cat and in our production Mayzie flirts with the cat. I am so nervus i have always liked him but he doesnt know. I feel like i am pushing it too far. People have told me its only acting but in my mind its more than that. Any suggestions?

  33. I am preforing this play at my school Wilhelm Elementry School and i am one of the bird girls so I love this movie play everything about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. hey i’m playing Mayzie la bird in my school’s production. i worked really hard for the part so i think this is going to be the best show Anna has ever done. the show is in Anna, tx May, 14, 15, and 16th of 2009. come and see it!! it will be the best play you have ever seen!
    Our costumes are AWESOME! they are very bright colorerd and stand out very much. Mayzie’s costume is a sequin dress a couple of inches above knee length and it kind of looks like a dress Tina Turner would wear!
    anyways, this is going to be the best show ever do come and see it you guys!

  35. ok well i am in the play and i am wickersham #3 and it is not like this at all… some of it is. but not all of it. my show is in april and we r still not done with tha first song of the dancing. (we r but we dnt got it down good) i have no clue wat to wear for the coustum because we dnt knoee wat to wear.

  36. omG!!! mt school of the arts put on this muscial for Charleston Southern University 2 years ago and i still remember all the songs and the choreography we did!! haha, i had so much fun through out the entire production and it was fun doing something that i loved! i got to be a Hunch and a nool citizen…a jungle poodle!! haha it was fun doing this these roles and i would tell anyone intrested in doing a musical…SEUSSICAL IS THE BEST AND MOST FUNN MUSICAL YOU WILL EVER DO!!! haha <3

  37. I played the SOUR KANGAROO. It was very fun.I got to show all kinds of attitude.

  38. OMG I’m Mayzie in my school’s production and I just recently saw my costume for the first time AMAYZING…not to mention I look really good in it lol

  39. I like yalls stiles there really cool I was in one but i was a who. It was pretty cool but i useally get parts like Sour Kangaroo but i’m okay.

  40. At Carmichaels Elem. the Musicial Mikes is putting on the performance Suessical the Musical!!!
    I got the part as Mayzie La Bird!!!!
    I cant wait…
    So if your school is doing this musical and you want a fun out going part …try out for MAYZIE LA BIRD!!
    I,m shore you will love it!!!

  41. my school is doing seussical the musical too! im got the part of mayzie la bird. so excited never thought i would get the part but i think the teachers were looking for something natural, not like britney spears. TRY OUT FOR MAYZIE SHE ROCKS!

  42. im mayzie. soo fun. i need a red flapper dress…. whatever that is! it needs to be sleeveless, but not like short and sexy, im only 11. lol.
    so far, cant find anything. 🙁

  43. PLEASE HELP ME! I AM IN NEED OF A MAYZIE LA BIRD COSTUME AND MY CHOIR DIRECTOR SAYS THAT IT HAS TO BE PURPLE AND ANYTHING FLASHY! IN THE PICUTRE WITH THE CAT AND THE HAT IT IS AROUND THE 10TH PICTURE AND THERE IS A GIRL WITH A FLASHY PURPLE DRESS ON…… I NEED TO FIND OUT WHERE SHE GOT THAT! OR WHERE SHE HAD IT MADE!!! because i need one EXCATLY like that! it is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Once and for all people, the sour kangeroo is NOT purple, that was wrong in the movie. It’s really orange in the books, that’s the way my school did it and it was the right way!

  45. OK, The Sour Kangaroo – Is Red. On Broadway.
    Mr. Mrs. Mayor – Orange (to stand out from the whos). 1940’s look.
    Mayzie – Purple. HUGE TAIL FEATHERS.
    Gertrude – Blue. Dress, with small feather.
    Horton – Grey. Shorts, orange boots, and button-up shirt.
    The Cat – Black Tux.
    General Genghis Khan Shmitz – A Military suit, blue, or green.
    Wickershams – Biker look, leather vests, and leather jeans.
    Bird Girls – Like mayzie, green, purple, and pink.
    Jojo – An Orange, T-shirt, and blue jeans.
    Grinch – green body suit, with a santa suit over that.
    Vlad Vladikoff – Black, looks like an eagle (lol).
    Yertle the Turtle – Green, turtle suit. (no, duh!)
    Marshall – Black, Gold, and Violet.

    And I believe these are all the characters. lol! Anyway, I’m going to be the CAT IN THE HAT in my production, of seussical, also I am directing it, and choreographing it, so I have alot on my plate lol! Anyway, I hope this helps for anyone who needs it.

  46. I personally think that the Jojo costumes could be better than an orange T-shirt and jeans. My friend does the Akron Theater Camp and he played Jojo in one of their plays. They didn’t have enough money to get the Broadway styles for the costumes, so they had to make them themselves. And they ROCKED!!! Jojo was an orange T-shirt, floral overalls, a bright green sparkley hat, and really really long socks that were SO COOL!

  47. What is a good song to audition for Sour Kangaroo with?

    I’m kinda new to theater.

    Please Help Me!!!!!!

  48. I think a good audition song for the Sour Kangaroo is “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin. Any in-your-face uptempo MoTown song is good. Sour Kangaroo has attitude and a bluesy, funky voice.

  49. Wow! Those pictures are cool! The sets and costumes are amazing! I’m the Cat in the Hat and I hope my show turns out as good as those!

  50. i did suesical and was amazing the costumes are really cool i here that alot of people are trying out if you are if you are a kid you would want a part of a who or kadet if older probubly for a tuff strong guy could be general gingus kauhn shmit or the mayor if look for a smaller part probubley the jungle or a no speaking monkey or for girls a bird girl or mayzie, gertrude, mrs mayor, or even cat in the hat! for the bisset roles for little kid are lil kangroo or jojo
    i played many parts i played jojo, whos, kadets, lil kangroo, and four are all kids play i played cat in the cat oh and mayziefeathers713 i agree i didn’t have a boring costume!

  51. Great photos! I am in charge of the call board for our performance – any suggestions would be appreciated!

  52. Wow. . .nice pictures! i was in a production of this recently as the Cat, and it was truly an “amayzing” experience!! =)

  53. Hi Everybody,
    I need help with my costume. I am Yertle the Turtle in Seussical Jr.
    but i need help. Since I am the Judge in the courtroom scene, my director came up with the idea of a white graduation gown tye dye it, maybe with green or something. leave a reply and tell me if this is a good idea!!!!!!plz!!!!oh yea and in oh the thinks you can think we do thriller dance moves. i get to do the moonwalk!!!!! Good Luck !!!!!!

  54. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!! our jr high is doing seussical and i am sooooo pumped! i definately want to be Mayzie. Can anyone give me ideas for a good audition?

  55. Im playing the BABY KANGAROO! in all of the videos ive seen none of them have a real character playing this part! i dont know how i am suppposed to be in the pouch :/ oh well it will work out fine 🙂 i have my own song in it too……

  56. Hey im playing the sour kangaroo in my high schools production of seussical the musical and i was wondering costume wise should i take the literal approach to the faCT THAT SHE IS A KANGAROO OR DO MY OWN INTERPRETATION?

  57. Heyy. need some tips for auditioning. I want to be Mayzie and at our school for audition the director has you read from a Dr Seuss book. What book should i do? And also this is a junior high show. And I’m 14. Thanks so much!!!

  58. I’m a bird girl #1 and have nooo idea what my costume is but its going to be awesome! my fave songs are all for you and amayzing mayzie!

  59. okay well i am the stage director for our show…nd i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what i can do to make our show better…nd ideas for “who” costums!!!!

  60. Vlad Vladakoff – is that the eagle that swoops in and takes the egg? You know, I don’t remember the costume for that character. Sorry.

  61. I recently got Gertrude in December, and we’re working on our show, it goes up in march, but i was just wondering if anyone knew of what kind of costume she wore? I’ve seen a lot of blue dresses,so I’m assuming that thats what it is..?

  62. I’m JoJo:) I’m a girl, but I’m really good at being an innocent little kid:) So we’re changing JoJo from a boy to a girl. How should I wear my hair? Pigtails? Down? Curly? Straight? Ponytail? I’m just not sure.

  63. These are really cool pictures!!
    My High School is going to perform Seussical in April, we just had our readthrough last night!! I’m so excited to do this musical!! I’m indeed playing the Cat in the Hat!! I’m so thrilled because the Cat has always been my favorite Seuss character, so it’s an honor to play him!!!

  64. Just curious, who would you say is THE main part in Seussical?
    Many people think that it’s the Cat, but I’m not sure. What would you say?

  65. i am ab rid girl i need an idea for a costume i am 11
    my scool (St. paul) is havig alot of fun in this play so am i but wishing i was mazie who i tried out for but since it was a
    5,6,7,8, grade play i did not get my music teacher said i would have
    so, i am an amazing bird girl(instead of amazing mazie heheheh)

  66. hi im the sour kangaroo in our play at southwood middle school for suessical and i need an outfit really bad

  67. omg im jojo and i love my part! we are not doing it till october but im soooooo exited.cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. These are some great photos! I know some of them are from the Broadway show, so people here doing community productions shouldn’t feel too overshadowed, lol. I played the Cat in the Hat in my show (not Broadway, obviously. . .) and I’m a girl 🙂 It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I wore a black dress-like shirt, a gigantic bowtie, striped socks, red Converse, and my Hat flopped everywhere. I developed an odd habit of flicking my head every once and a while to get the stupid thing to shift back in place. xD This show may have bombed on Broadway, but it’s still one of the best out there, in my opinion. It’s a great arrangement of the Dr Seuss stories.

  69. I am gertrude in my show (even tho i wanted mayzie….but i guess i shud be happy cuz its a bigger role haha) and i am really scared 2 see my costume! i hope its cute!! 🙂 anyways we were trying to thinks of a way to get the big tail on. any ideas???
    ~Amayzing Gertrude<3

  70. Hey, I’m playing Vlad Vladikoff (awesome role by the way). And I need ideas for a costume. I know I’m supposed to look like a black eagle, but what about it? What materials could I use? This is my first time in a play, so any suggestions would be helpful. I’m also playing a snake as one of the Jungle creatures, so any ideas for that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks 🙂

  71. I absolutely love the Cat in the Hat!!!! I really wanted Gertrude, but then after reading the script through, I realized the cat is so much cooler. My choreographer is amazing, she’s also my english teacher. Take wings thespians!!

  72. wow i just found out im playing the cat and im soo excited!! most fun role to play definately, fun zany and exciting! cant wait!!

  73. I am doing Suessical and I am a bird girl. Its a really fun part, so if you like to sing and dance and have fun< this is deffinetly the part for you!!

  74. Hiya!
    I’m trying out for Seussical for a few months and I’m auditioning for the role of Mrs.Mayor. Does anyone have any suggestions for any songs I could sing and clothes I could wear to suggest the part? Thanks!
    By the way great pictures!

  75. Okay, so I got called back for the cat and mayzie. Weird combination, but…. better than other parts! 🙂 Anyway, I don’t want to be cat because it isn’t a very femminine part. What do I do if I get it??????

  76. The cat can be played by a female. In fact, I think the Broadway production had a female as the cat didn’t it? The cat has a lot of room for improvisation. In our production we had a section where the cat did improvisation with the audience. Both parts are great roles and should give you a challenge.

  77. hi im doing play at my school seussical and i was just searching for costume ideas and decided to take a peek:)

    Thx Audri<3

  78. I play Mrs Mayor for my jr high play! I’m really excited! But I’m an alto which doesn’t make sense but we’ll make it work 🙂

  79. Hey,lol, are local high school is doing the suessical musical, were doing a show for the third graders on Monday, they’re going to come to our high school theater, I think I’m going to tear up when I pose in front of every body with the rest of the cast and take my bow, I’ve wanted to do this since kindergarten or younger, actually my play director really I spires me in tuns of ways and if it wasn’t for her my dream wouldn’t come true so I can’t wIt to thank her with all my heart for everything!!:D. I’m a who citizen, military,and a jungle citizen, I’m 14 so I don’t really go to high school yet I just have a good voice for my age:D

  80. Can you tell me, does the Sam I Am character have lines in Suessical Jr.? Also looking for some information on the Jungle Creatures. My 10 yr. old granddaughter has both of those parts in her upcoming show and wanted to get what ever information you can give me on both parts so she is aware of what she will be doing. Rehearsals have not started yet and she’s a little anxious to know. Thanks!

  81. How do you make Horton’s egg? I am assuming paper mache, but worried about it lasting through the whole production! Thanks!

  82. Hi! I am playing Mayzie LaBird in our upcoming school play. My director says that my costume needs to be either silver or gold, with a giant tail. any dress suggestions?

  83. name is Skyler i am 10 years old and it 4th grade. i’m in this play as well and I’m gertrude mcfuzz. I wanted to be her and Mayzie. do i get to wear a cool costume?? please say yes please say yes

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