Silverlit Sky Challenge Attack Helicopters


I think the Silverlit Sky Challenge attack helicopters are so awesome. A couple weeks ago I got a remote control helicopter at Toys R Us. It was just a small one to goof around with indoors. But the controls worked great and you could really fly it with the remote controls.

Today I’m in Toys R Us again and see this new pair of attack helicopters. They are both on seperate remote controls and have infrared firing guns so you can have air battles with another person. When you score a hit the helicopter goes flying to the ground. It’s very fun! I hope you enjoy the video which shows a couple tips on flying them. There are many more videos on YouTube of these in action too.

Price for the pair of remote control helicopters? Under $50 – now that’s awesome!

One thought on “Silverlit Sky Challenge Attack Helicopters

  1. Those sound so cool! I’ll have to stop by the store to check them out, maybe pick them up for my nephews…of course I would have to test them out before I send them.

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