ZAiA Promo Band Show CD Nov


November 2009 – The ZAiA Band plays live musical accompaniment for Cirque du Soleil’s ZAiA show. ZAiA is a multidisciplinary circus arts show about a young girl who travels through the universe to find love. Come to Macau and dream with us! Now playing at the Venetian Macau Hotel Casino and Resort.

Music by Violaine Corradi
Directed by Gilles Maheu

In The Band
Steve Bach – band leader, keyboards, accordion
Conrad Askland – assistant band leader, keyboards, accordion
Eduard Harutyunyan – percussion
Darrin Johnson – drummer
Olivier Milchberg – plucked strings, kaval, bansuri
Jay Elfenbein – viola de gamba, rebec, fretless bass, acoustic bass,
Racheal Cogan – recorders
Rose Winebrenner – vocals
Maria Andersson – vocals

Video made by Rose Winebrenner

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