Rocky Horror Show 2007


Theater Arts Guild presents the ageless cult classic, The Rocky Horror Show, live on stage! Brad (Matt Riggins) & Janet (Karen Pollack) take a wrong turn and arrive at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (James Padilla). Uh-oh, here come Riff-Raff (Nathan McCartney), his sister Magenta (Joey Van Pelt), groupie Columbia (Martha McDade) and Frank’s delicious creation, ‘Rocky’ (Morgan Witt). Brad & Janet, dazed in sexual confusion, are saved by Dr. Scott (Randy Pratt). Did I mention Eddie (Joe Johnson) gets euthanized?

Costuming is welcome- grab your fishnets & stilettos. RHS contains mature themes, sexual situations, and strong language! Parental discretion is advised.

Rocky Horror Show
Lincoln Theater
712 S. 1st St. – Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Oct 26, 27, 31
Nov 1,2,3,8,9,10
8:00 pm
$20 All Seats; All Shows
$1 Preservation Fee
Reserved Seating


On the way to visit an old college professor, the two clean cut kids, Brad Majors and his fiancée Janet Weiss run into trouble and look for help at a light down the road. The light is coming from the old Frankenstein place, where Dr. Frank N Furter is in the midst of one of his maniacal experiments…Follow Brad and Janet on a trip they (and you) will never forget! Get ready for some fun, frolic, and frivolity. Rocky Horror is an ageless classic bursting at the seams with such memorable melodies as Sweet Transvestite, Dammit Janet, and, of course, the pelvic thrusting Time Warp. The Rocky Horror Show can’t stop partying! This is the boldest bash of them all, so fish out your fishnets, and sharpen your stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life!

HSM DVD Release Party

hsm_dvd_sleeve.jpgFrom HSM Producer Harold Paige

Yea! It’s finally going to be here! Cast, crew and production staff are invited to a premier showing of the DVD of Theater Arts Guild’s presentation of Disney’s High School Musical.

Cast, crew and production staff should have already received an email with the time and place of the showing – this is a private showing and not open to the public.

Disney HSM 2007

Disney’s High School Musical run at McIntyre Hall (Mount Vernon, WA) has wrapped. Thanks to all for a very fun run. Special kudos to our tech crew on this show – thank you for all your hard work.

Here on my website I have a whole section just for High School Musical related articles and photos – check out the “High School Musical” link on the right bar navigation.


Disney’s High School Musical
Book by David Simpatico
Original songs by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil; Ray Cham, Greg Cham and Andrew Seeley; Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn; Andy Dodd and Adam Watts; Bryan Louiselle; David N. Lawrence and Faye Greenberg; Jamie Houston.

Music adapted, arranged and produced by Bryan Louiselle

Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie Written by Peter Barsocchini

Theater Arts Guild Production March 23 – April 7, 2007
Produced by Jann Barem, Clarence Holden and Harold Page
Directed by Scott McDade
Musical Direction by Conrad Askland
Choreographed by Donna Carroll and Jennifer Newell
Lighting Design by Steven Craig

Troy Bolton – Ryan McNamara
Gabriella Montez – Miranda Zickler
Sharpay Evans – Havalah Calderon and Adria Finch
Ryan Evans – Cody Adelman
Chad Danforth – Mikel Armstrong
Taylor McKessie – Emma Lynn
Kelsi Neilson – Sarah Damstra and Mandy Vander Mey
Zeke Baylor – Stefan Vanden Kooy
Martha Cox – Kaela Springer
Jack Scott – Mason Eger
Ms. Darbus – Laurie Miller
Coach Bolton – Bruce Vilders

Cheerleaders – Ellis Jones, Haylie Ingman, Carly Richter and Lisa Wallace

Jocks – Jake Updegraff, Justin Lawrence, Connor Crosby, Tyler Luvera, Miles Lee, Jeff Huschka, Michael Peterson

Braniacs – Emily Lester, Alec Hernandez, Madeline Furlong, Lauren Leer, Mathias Struck

Thespians – Pete Grace, Rebecca Wright, Amelia Furlong, Lauren Sigfusson, Chloe Roberts, Emma Ferguson, Nicole Jennings

Skaters – Lindsee Nichols, Demi Fair, Chelsea Hawkinson, Courtney Blunt, Jana Collins, Kyle Mitchell

Wildcat Dancers – Mikalah Barem, Adria Finch, Gina Wallace, Braelyn Whited, Miranda Peterson, Malia Woodard, Felisha Palomera

Wildcat Students – Teylor Wilber, Kiralee Nichols, Ashley Christoferson, Dorothy Howard, Laura Andrich, Emily Watilo, Emily Shapiro and Hanna Ermi.

Voice of Ms. Tenny – Shelby Celia
Voice of Decathlon Moderator – Rebecca Wright

Gabriella Montez – Lauren Leer
Taylor McKessie – Lauren Sigfusson
Zeke – Jake Updegraff
Martha Cox – Miranda Peterson
Ryan Evans – Pete Grace

Producers – Jann Barem, Clarence Holden and Harold Page
Director – Scott McDade
Musical Director/Conductor – Conrad Askland
Choreographers Donna Carroll and Jennifer Newell
Stage Manager – Dave Wright
Set Designer – Scott McDade
Design Consultants – Harold Paige and Steven Craig
Costumer – Cathy Pfahl
Lighting Designer – Steven Craig
Makeup / Hair Designer – Amy Vermulm
Makeup Assistants – Nicole Trepus and Claire Miller
Props Managers – Amanda McDaniel and Suzann McLamb
Director’s Assistant – Shelby Celia
Choreographer’s Assistant – Tessa Bisby
Costume Assistants – D.J. Walker and Cecilia Andress
Dance Captians – Adria Finch and Miranda Peterson
Audio Engineer – Kyle Blevins
Audio Tech 2 – Milton Grambo
Baksetball Coaches – Anton Fero and Bruce Vilders
Volunteer Coordinator – Ann Nelson
Set Construction Lead – Don Willcuts
Set Construction Crew – Mark O’Brien, Phillip Brown, Bob Jones, Joriah Barnett, Walter Pfahl, Aaron Haba, Roger Ragusa, Leif Barem, Glen Huschka, Bruce Vilders

Scenic Painter – Karen Bakke
Set Painters – Elizabeth Haba, Alicia Huschka, Glen Huschka, Elizabeth Risser, Kathy Lester, Karen Gardner-Brown, Kathy Brackett, Clarice Lee, Ebony Lee, Debbie Mitchell and Dave Mitchell

Productin Photographers – Gary Brown and Eric Hall
Program – McDade and Company
Program Assistants – Jann Barem and Harold Paige
Program Photographer – Scott McDade

Fly Lead – Dave Mumford
Fly Crew – Spencer Demarais, Nate Young, Roger Ragusa and Leif Barem
Stage Crew – Chelsea Lankford, Madelynne Nore, Lauren Reilly and Anna Oomen
Light Board Operator – James Yandel
Follow-spot Operators – Wes Furlong and Cameron Craig

Conductor/Keyboard 1 – Conrad Askland
Keyboard 2 – Brianne Weaver
Guitar 1 – Luke Hansen
Guitar 2 and Saxophone – Kyle McInnis
Bass Guitar – Peter Bridgman
Percussion – Oscar De La Rosa
Drums – David Bridgman

Disney HSM – Cast and Musician Photos

Disney’s High School Musical opened at McIntyre Hall on March 23, 2007 for a three week run. Here are some photos of the HSM cast and musicians in rehearsal. Full cast is almost sixty strong and the live pit band is seven musicians (and six keyboards!).

High School Musical Cast at McIntyre Hall – Warmups



HSM Cast in General Rehearsal



HSM Musicians Setting Up In Orchestra Pit


Rhythm Section Compares Notes





Conductor’s Keyboard Rig



Oscar De La Rosa – Percussion


Scott McDade – Director


Cathy Pfahl – Costume Design


Theater Arts Guild Gobo



Jann Barem and Harold Paige


High School Musical Conductor Question

I’m doing HS Musical at Irvington Town Hall Theater in a little over a week. I’m playing and conducting and my old Mx8 midi patchbay has just died. Would you recommend a replacement to control my synth rig, either standalone or computer based is fine? What do you use?
Thank You,
Julius Petty

Hi Julius, I only use a midi patchbay in the studio, not live. When performing live I use 4-5 keyboards to cover different sounds, so no need for a patchbay. (Keyboards used are dedicated weighted piano, Hammmond B3 clone, Synth controlling laptop with virtual keyboard I use for custom FX, and two utility boards for synth, strings etc. ) You can usually daisy-chain up to three midi units together without an audible delay. Off the top of my head I think delay per midi daisy chain “through” is around 3-7 milliseconds. Audible delay usually occurs somewhere around 20 milliseconds for most people. So, you can hook up to three units together before you reach a delay that’s audible. Do you need to link together more than three modules per board?

Hope that helps. We’re just starting to rehearse our production, so let me know if you have any super-duper secret insider tips or errata info on the scores.

Musicians – High School Musical

This is the official page for High School Musical musicians for TAG’s presentation at McIntyre Hall 2007. Bookmark this page for updates and additional information.

*HSM Musician News*
1Â – Each HSM musician responsible to have their own stand light – needs to be a Manhassett style black covered light, available at Hugo Helmer for about $30. Please do not wait until the last minute to get one.

Piano/B3 – Filled
Keyboard 1 – Filled
Keyboard 2 – Filled
Bass Guitar – Filled
Drums – Filled
Percussion – OPEN
Guitar 1 – Filled
Guitar 2 – Filled
Drum Line (4 snares) – OPEN
2 Sousaphones – OPEN
DJ Scratcher – OPEN

2/19 Monday – Drums, Bass, Key1 Only Noon-4pm
2/26 Monday – Drum, Bass, All Keys 9pm-midnight
2/27 Tuesday – Drum Bass, All Guitars 9pm-midnight at MV Pres Church
3/3 Saturday 10am-4pm Full Band at MV Pres Church (Corner of 15th and Broadway, Mount Vernon)
3/6 Tuesday 9pm-midnight – Full Band at MV Pres Church
3/8 Thursday 5-10pm w/castt – TAG on 12th St by Hospital
3/15 Thursday – 5-10pm w/cast – TAG on 12th St by Hospital
3/21 Wednesday – 5-10pm LOAD IN and Rehearsal at McIntyre Hall
3/22 Thursday – 5-10pm Dress Rehearsal at McIntyre Hall


March 23 Friday 7:30pm
March 24 Saturday 7:30pm
March 25 Sunday 2pm
March 29 Thursday DAY SHOW time TBA and 7:30pm – (Two shows)
March 30 Friday 7:30pm
March 31 Saturday 7:30pm
April 1 Sunday 2pm
April 5 Thursday 7:30pm
April 6 Friday 7:30pm
April 7 Saturday 7:30pm – Closing Night
April 8 – NO SHOW – Strike Set if not already done

High School Musical Cast List

Cast list now posted for Disney’s High School Musical presented by Tag.




Troy Bolton

Ryan McNamara

Steven Marrinier

Gabriella Montez

Miranda Zickler

Lauren Leer

Sharpay Evans

Havalah Calderon Adria Finch
Ryan Evans Peter Grace Nate Young
Chad Danforth Mikel Armstrong TBA
Taylor McKessie Emma Lynn Lauran Sigfusson
Kelsi Neilson Sarah Damstra Mandy Vander Mey
Zeke Baylor Steven Marrinier Stefan Vanden Kooy
Martha Cox Kaela Springer TBA
Jack Scott TBA
Ms. Darbus Laurie Miller

Coach Bolton

Bruce Vilders


Haylie Engman

Carly Richter

Lisa Wallace

Ellis Jones


Stefan Vanden Koy

Jake Updegraff

Justin Lawrence

Jordon Lange

Connor Crosby
Tyler Luvera
Miles Lee (ballboy)
Brainiacs Camille Jeeter
Emily Lester
Alec Hernandez
Micaela Baca
Madeline Furlong
Ann-Kristin Becker
Thespians Rebecca Wright
Amelia Furlong
Lauren Sigfusson
Mason Eger
Nate Young
Chloe Roberts
Emma Ferguson
Karissa Nichols
Nicole Jennings
Skaters Lindsee Nichols
Demi Fair
Chelsea Hawkinson
Courtney Blunt
Jana Collins
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Conyers
Wildcat Dancers Mikalah Barem
Adria Finch
Gina Wallace
Braelyn Whited
Victoria Gomez
Miranda Peterson
Malia Woodard
Felisha Palomera
Wildcat Students Teylor Wilber
Kiralee Nichols
Ashley Christoferson
Hanna Dunning
Dorothy Howard
Laura Andrich
Mandy Vander Mey
Anna Martin
Emily Watilo
Lauren Leer
Emily Shapiro
Hannah Ermi
Jeff Huschka

High School Musical Auditions Extended To Saturday 12-9-06

Because of overwhelming response to auditions for High School Musical, we are extending auditions to Saturday (ahem…..unofficially). So if you’re reading this and for some reason didn’t get signed up to audition but want to please email me to set that up. You can email through Friday 12-08-06. Please leave Saturday open for your assigned time.
My email address is:


Most of the roles are for high school age or high school age “looking” cast, there are some adult roles. There is no declaration in the script for ethnicity or gender of many roles. It’s “open” to all. If you’re ultra hip and cool, there’s a part for you. If you’re mousy and nerdy, there’s a part for you too. And yes, anything in between.

In case you don’t know – the cast features a basketball team, brainiac club, thespians and lots of hip hop music. So we also need those gifted with a basketball, which as far as I know is unique to musical theater.

Theater Arts Guild of Skagit Valley, the organization producing the show, is one of the first groups licensed to perform this show. We will set the bar high for others that follow. 🙂

See you at auditions!