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Doyle Dykes is an renowned acoustic guitar artist and Christian musician. I saw this Doyle Dykes video posted on one of my guitar discussion forums. It sure made me homesick! I used to work at a music store and Doyle Dykes did a guitar clinic for us. He’s a Taylor Guitar artist. He also performs often at one of my favorite churches in Southern California – Calvary Chapel High Desert.

When I listen to his rendition of Wabash Cannonball – I swear I can almost hear the lyrics being sung from the guitar. He’s absolutely amazing.

Doyle Dykes Biography

Dykes’ early years as a guitarist took him around the world as he toured with The Stamps Quartet and later with Grand Ole Opry Star and Grandpa Jones. Dykes has since returned to the Grand Ole Opry for numerous performances, many appearing live on national television.

Dykes is influenced by a wide variety of musical styles and musicians from the country of Chet Atkins to the rock and roll of his friend Duane Eddy, to the Beatles and U2. His fingerstyle technique is based primarily on banjo playing and is heavily influenced by Atkins.

Dykes’ appreciation for various styles of music is reflected in his albums as they include signature compositions like “Jazz in the Box” and “Martha’s Kitchen” and hymns like the powerful “How Great Thou Art.” Gitarre 2000 was released by BMG on Windham Hill Records, and Doyle’s music has appeared on several of the label’s compilation albums like Here, There, and Everywhere (a tribute to the Beatles). In addition, Doyle’s music has been heard on United Airlines, Air Canada, NPR’s Morning News and All Things Considered, Disney’s California Adventure, and even the Space Shuttle Atlantis in September, 2000.

As an endorser and clinician for Taylor Guitars, Doyle has designed a very successful signature guitar. The Doyle Dykes Signature Model Taylor guitar (“DDSM”) features an amplification system by L.R. Baggs, deemed as the Doyle Dykes Hexaphonic Pickup System. Doyle also helped design his signature Rivera amplifier, called the Sedona, designed to accommodate both electric and acoustic instruments. Doyle’s signature instruments and equipment have influenced the musical instrument industry on a global basis.

Doyle performs in venues ranging from Theatres, Bluegrass festivals, and churches, to major Conventions, such as the NAMM Show (Anaheim, CA and Nashville, TN), the Musikmesse (largest music trade show in the world; Frankfurt, Germany), Music Live (UK), and the National Executive Institute, which is made up of honored FBI Agents, major city Police Chiefs, and Law Enforcement Officers from around the world. Internationally, Doyle attracts record audiences in many Continents around the world.

Doyle Dykes Discography

* 1996: Fingerstyle Guitar
* 1997: H.E.A.T
* 1998: Gitarre 2000
* 2000: Zelf: A Self Portrait on Guitar
* 2001: Country Fried Pickin’
* 2003: Songs of Faith and Freedom
* 2004: Chameleon

Guitar Tunings used by Doyle Dykes

Fingerstyle Guitar (1996)

* Twin Six Shooters (Standard)
* Jazz in the Box (Standard)
* Laguna Sand (D A D F# B E)
* Doerita Forever (Standard)
* Caleb’s Report (D G D G B E)
* The Great Roundup (D A D G A D)
* White Rose for Heidi (C G D G B D)
* How Great Thou Art (Standard)
* Mana Melody (C G D G B E)
* Zaccheus (D G D G B D)
* Mission of St. Holli (Standard)
* Miss Haley’s Music Box (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass)
* Amazing Grace (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass)
* Dust in the Wind (Standard)
* White Rose for Heidi (Acoustic Version) (C G D G B D)
* One More Night / Groovy Kind of Love (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass)

H.E.A.T. (1997)

* Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Tomatoes (D G D G B E)
* Celtic Cowboy (D G D G A D)
* Loving Rita (Standard)
* “Bubba” GAD (D A D G A D)
* Hero Sandwich (Standard)
* And Can It Be (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass)
* Shadows of the Heart (Standard)
* Battle in the Valley of Elah (C F C F C F)
* The Visitation (C G D G B E)
* The Road Back Home (Standard)
* Angels’ Desire (D G D G B E)
* The Lord’s Prayer (C G D G B E)

Gitarre 2000 (1998)

* Gitarre 2000(Standard)
* Nothing’s Too Good (For a Friend) (Standard)
* White Rose for Heidi (C G D G B D)
* Girl (Standard)
* The Road Back Home (Standard)
* Loving Rita (Standard)
* Caleb’s Report (D G D G B E)
* Shadows of the Heart (Standard)
* Passings(C G D G B E)
* The Lord’s Prayer (C G D G B E)
* Angels’ Desire (D G D G B E)
* The Visitation (C G D G B E)

Zelf: A Self Portrait on Guitar (2000)

* Howling of the Wood (C F C F C F)
* The Wings of the Morning (Standard)
* Self Portrait on Acoustic Guitar (Standard)
* Misty Nights in Tokyo (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass)
* Love Will Keep Us Alive (Standard with a Drop D on the Bass and an F# on the G String)
* Birmingham Steele (D G D G A D)
* The Changing of the Guard (C G D G B E)
* Self Portrait on Nylon-String Guitar (Standard)
* The Jawbone (Standard)
* That’s All (D G D G B E)
* Self Portrait on Jazz Guitar (Standard)
* O Holy Night(C G D G B E)
* Precious Name O How Sweet / Great is Thy Faithfulness (Standard)
* Music of the Night Ships (C G D G B E)

Country Fried Pickin’ (2001)

* Wabash Cannonball (D G D G A D)
* Martha’s Kitchen (Standard)
* Country Fried Pickin’ (Standard)
* The Chet Medley (Standard)
* Duane Thang (Standard)
* Me n’ Jesus and My Old Guitar (*Tuned one step high on a Baby Taylor. F# B E A D flat F#, or use a capo on the 2nd fret in Standard Tuning.)
* Grandpa Jones’ Medley (Standard)
* I’ve Heard That Song Before (Standard)
* Avalon (Standard)
* Peace Over Shanghai (Standard)
* Three Little Miracles (C G D G B E)
* Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Standard)

Songs of Faith and Freedom (2003)

* It is Well (Standard)
* My Jesus I Love Thee / Holy, Holy, Holy (C G D G B E)
* A Call to Freedom (D A D G B E)
* The Patriotic Medley (Standard)
* He / He Touched Me (D A D G B E)
* In the Garden (Standard)
* Amazing Grace (D A D G B E)
* Holy Ground (D A D G B E)
* God Bless America (Standard)
* Beyond Our Highest Dreams (Standard)
* What a Friend We Have in Jesus(D A D G B E)
* Softly and Tenderly / Lord I’m Coming Home (Standard)
* This is My Task (Standard)
* In Moments Like These (D A D G B E)
* The Cross Medley (Standard)
* Softly and Tenderly Reprise (Standard)

Chameleon (2004)

* Too Happy Blues (Standard)
* Bye Bye Blues (Standard)
* U2 Medley (D G D G B E)
* Return to Avalon (Standard)
* Coldplay Medley (Drop ‘D’)
* Three Chords and a Cloud of Dust (Standard)
* Tenderly (Standard)
* While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Standard)
* Music of the Night (C G D G B E)
* Superstition (Standard)
* Let Me Fall (C G D G B E)
* Over the Rainbow (Standard)
* Be Still (Drop ‘D’)

2 thoughts on “Doyle Dykes Wabash Cannonball

  1. I am looking all over for tabs to Doyle’s arrangement of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. If you could be of any assistance I would be forever grateful. I would gladly pay for any cost involved.

    Thanks again
    Tom Anderson

  2. tom,, if yu are still looking for tabs to what a friend we have in jesus..go to the “chet board” website and search ‘what a friend” etc..someone had tabs to that song he transcribed must download the program it is in ,,not pdf,,anyway I was able to get the tab..i don’t have one to send as I just printed it without saving..but you can find this guy on :”chet board”

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