Pray the Gay Away® the musical SOLD OUT!

All shows SOLD OUT! Pray the Gay Away® the musical Nov. 8-24, 2019 at Lincoln Theatre in Mount Vernon, WA. I am thrilled at the overwhelming support and ticket demand for my fourth original full-length musical.

Thank you so much to our Pacific Northwest audiences for supporting this show and its mission. Its become bigger than we ever could have imagined. We are in a whirlwind with all the comments and social media buzz coming in. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful.
We do know one thing: audiences are hungry for the experience and message of this show. It is obvious that somehow this show needs to reach more people. We have confidence the people of the Pacific Northwest will find a way to make that happen. The Great People of the Pacific Northwest. You are the best!
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2 thoughts on “Pray the Gay Away® the musical SOLD OUT!

  1. Thank you for Pray the Gay Away. It was beyond awesome. I have told people all over the country about it! I hope you plan to go national and international with it. Bless you and everyone involved!

  2. Hi Julie – so glad you enjoyed the show! It took a lot to bring this delicate topic to the stage in a way that audiences would be satisfied. I am overwhelmed by the positive support from Pacific Northwest audiences! Yes, we are currently exploring different options for bringing PTGA to the next level. Let people know about the show and send them our way. Thanks!

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