Tips for Virtual Interviews

This is a reference page for people I am doing Zoom interviews with online.

*updated 03-07-2021*


1 – Interviews are on Zoom. You will be sent a link to join and the interviews will be recorded. We will edit segments of these interviews later. You can speak freely in the interview and if there’s anything you want us to NOT include in the final interview, just say so during the interview.

2 – Unless you happen to record with a green screen background, the background of your location will be visible in the final video, so keep that in mind when setting up your computer interview location.


1 – Please avoid using your computer’s internal microphone for the interview. Earbuds with built-in microphones work great (like Apple AirPods), or a lavalier mic or an external microphone. The reason the internal computer microphones don’t work well is the inherent distance from the mic to your mouth. Of course the internal microphone will work if you have nothing else, but it may affect the amount of footage we are able to use for the final interview segment.


1 – The final video will most likely be snippets of your interview, combined with other interviews. The basis for what we include or don’t include is based on what we think will be interesting to our viewing audience. So you can relax and not feel like every part of your interview needs to be the most incredible insights of all time. Just be yourself.

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