Dracula Overture Remix Competition

Official Dracula Overture Remix Competition. One hundred dollar prize to the winner that does the winning remix using my Dracula Overture audio files. Winner will be decided by the RapDogs.com moderators.

Here’s details:
My Dracula Overture was premiered on February 10, 2007 at McIntyre Hall, Mount Vernon, WA. Here is a track of the vocals and also a track of the music soundtrack. Entry rules and any changes or additional info will be posted here on this page. More Dracula Overture information.

1 – Original Askland Dracula Overture MP3Song Info
2 – Vocals Only MP3
3 – Music Soundtrack Only MP3

Tech Info
Song is 126 BPM. Key of F minor. Chord progression is Fm – Abm – C and also Fm – Abm – Bm – Dm


  1. Deadline for submission is March 10th, 2007. Artists must post a link to their audio file by that date here: RapDogs.com Dracula Remix Submissions – To post a link you will need to open an account at RapDogs.com which is free. We are not responsible if you cannot get the link posted, so don’t wait til the last minute.
  2. On submitting, artists give permission for me to post their audio file entry on my website whether they win or not.
  3. The composer of the original, Conrad Askland, will also be entering the competition but is not eligible for the prize. If he wins, next in line will win prize money.
  4. We will also have some public voting polls and those results will be made public, but cash prize is decided by the RapDogs moderators.
  5. Winner can be paid via PayPal or by Cashier’s Check and must be verified through their member account at RapDogs.com – In other words, the winner will be notified through their member account at RapDogs.com for payment information. Make sure your entry is posted on the RapDogs.com thread from your account.
  6. In their remix, artists may not use any samples they do not have clearance for. Do not steal other people’s material to use in the remix.
  7. There are no artistic limitations to the remix. Artists may alter the original files and add according to their artistic vision.
  8. Winner will be announced within a reasonable time after March 10th, 2007 (within a couple weeks) – And payment will be made in April 2007 providing artist has supplied payment contact info from their RapDogs.com account.

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  2. Dracula Remix Competition Submission. Please let me know if you need anything else, I have the aiff file as well

  3. Hi, I was wondering if I submitted correctly, my link never made it to the rapdogs website. Let me know whats going on- Kevin

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