Perth, Western Australia photos 2023

Photos of Perth, Western Australia and surrounding areas of Fremantle, Rottnest Island, Lake Clifton and Pinnacles Desert. Perth had a wonderful surprise gift for me: Astro Photography! I’ve never taken photos of the Milky Way or stars before but I kind of accidentally bumped into astro photography and wow oh wow is it fun!

My Astro Photography adventure started with a small group tour to Lake Clifton, then the next day on a star gazing tour of the Pinnacles – and then I attended a two day Milky Way photography workshop at the Perth Observatory! I didn’t realize that the Milky Way looks very different from Western Australia than it does from North America. The sky is so full of color in the Milky Way – really amazing! I am looking forward to continuing to improve on Astro Photography in the future. Some of the night sky photos below are from my first and second days trying Astro Photography (and before my Milky Way workshop at the Perth Observatory)

Our Cirque du Soleil shows of Crystal at the RAC Arena in Perth were also very fun with each show’s audience over 7,000 people. Really fun crowds in Perth! There is so much beauty in Western Australia that I hope to return someday and explore more up and down the coast


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