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If you want to improve as a vocalist it’s important you take private lessons. Voice is not like other instruments. It sounds different in your head than it does to other people. A good voice teacher will help you to visualize and master your own vocal production anatomy, which is a difficult task. You can’t see the muscles that control your voice like you can watch your own fingers on other instruments. That’s why you really need a trained ear to guide you.

I’m often asked to recommend a vocal coach, but sadly it’s rare that people actually follow through. They seem to feel their voice is ok and getting better on it’s own. With few exceptions that’s just not going to happen. You can slide by in alternative recordings and live bands, but if you’re serious about musical theater a trained voice is needed. Please get a personalized coach.

In the Mount Vernon, WA area, Camano Island, Stanwood – here are some voice teachers I recommend. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list – just people I know personally that do excellent work (their students are top notch singers). If your name isn’t on the list or you want to leave contact info – please add a comment to this post so vocalists can use this as a resource for getting lessons from a good vocal coach.

Recommended Voice Teachers (Alphabetical)

Dianne Johnson (Skagit College)
Kathleen Kournihan (Camano Island)
Brenda Mueller (Camano Island)
Sharyn Peterson (Mount Vernon)
Another good resource is to contact Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

If you are a voice instructor in Washington State located from Seattle to Anacortes to Bellingham, please leave a comment with your contact info as a resource to students. Thanks!


  • I’m interested in taking private singing lessons, to learn and finally develop my deep passion for singing. I need contact info for Sharyn Peterson or Dianne Johnson. I live in Mount Vernon.

  • Dianne Johnson is the instructor at Skagit Valley College and keeps her office there.

  • Virginia Voulgaris

    Hi Conrad! It was a nice surprise to see you on this site! I wanted to let you know that I teach voice privately, out from my studio at home in La Conner. I have an experience of 15+ teaching voice, and I have taught all level from beginners to advanced, as I taught at the Northwest University in Kirkland for 4 years, Puget Sound Christian College in Edmonds, and at the UW in Seattle. I will be happy to welcome new students in my studio.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi Virginia! Great to hear from you. To prospective students, I can personally vouch for Virginia’s expertise as a classical vocalist and stage performer. She has incredible range, pitch and power. I think she would be a fantastic vocal instructor for classical vocal technique.

  • Was wondering if either Dianne or Virginia are accepting new students. I’m a 54yo female who would like to get back into singing. Not Pop, more classical. Thank you.

  • Virginia Voulgaris

    Hi Kathy,

    I saw your message asking for a voice teacher. I apologize for replying so late, I was in Europe for two months. I would be happy to know you and listen to your voice. Please do give me a call at 206-696-9625 or by email at your convenience.
    Thank you for your interest and I am looking forward to meeting with you!

    Virginia Voulgaris, Ph. D

  • Hey Virginia i was wondering if your still doing privet lessons For a beginner i stay in La Conner and make music but i haven’t developed the singing part
    An i really want to learn but if you can i would really appreciate it thanks for you time.

  • My 14 year old Daughter is interested in singing lessons, and would like to get more information on how to get started with Dianne Johnson. I may be interested as well.

  • Hi Lynn,
    I would recommend calling Skagit Valley College for contact info.

  • My husband is hard of hearing and I would like to take voice lessons to improve my tone and quality of my speaking voice. I do not want to sing just improve my speaking voice. Thank you for any recommendation you might be able to make.

  • I am searching for an instructor for my 15yo daughter on Camano or in Stanwood. How would I go about contacting Brenda Mueller or Kathleen Kournihan?

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