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I would like to recommend a pro audio store in Hong Kong: Tsang Fook Piano Co. Ltd. The name is a little misleading because in addition to pianos and keyboards they carry a lot of pro audio software. I was in HEAVEN to see rows and rows of boxes with sound libraries, recording and notation software.

Some of the products they carry include M-Audio keyboards (with many in stock), monitors (Including Genelec), sound libraries (East West Library line, Garritan Orchestra et al, etc.) and recording software (Logic Pro, Soundforge, Digidesign Pro Tools, etc).

I’m used to shopping at Guitar Center in the USA where everything is available in one store. In Hong Kong I haven’t found anything like this. The pro audio stores tend to be very small and carry just one product line. I’ve been to the Tom Lee music stores in Hong Kong but they seem to cater more to home audio enthusiasts and I’ve not been able to get the products I need from them.

At Tsang Fook they speak very good English and are knowledgeable about their products. They got MAJOR bonus points when I asked them if a certain sound library was “professional”. The salesperson was honest and said “I don’t know, but I will find out.” At other music stores I tend to get people that just lead me to whatever they have in stock. That approach is fine for home hobby customers, but doesn’t cut it for pro audio.

They also have Ilok’s in stock. Tsang Fook was the only music store that was able to upgrade my Sibelius software – which was extremely easy to do. Here’s their contact info:

Tsang Fook Piano Co. Ltd.
Eaton Hotel Shopping Arcade
380 Nathan Road (Jordan MTR Exit B1)
Tel: +852 2866-3086

Website: http://tsangfook.com.hk
(Website is in Chinese)

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  1. Derek 夏廣生 has been teaching the violin for over thirty years. He
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