Where to get sound effects for live theater

Email question received:
Hey Bro, great web page.

I came across your stie looking for sound effects to the musical “Annie”.
Do you know where I could find some?



www.SoundDogs.com – I’ve been very surprised how many live theater productions I’ve done where the sound techs totally dropped the ball on sound effects. I mean like they hadn’t even thought of it. So as a rule I’ve gotten in the habit of going through the whole script and marking every possible sound effect idea I have to present to the director for consideration. And I get even more ideas if I can watch one live run through of the cast.

I can usually get most of what I need at SoundDogs.com – and then create the rest with Protools and my personal sound effects libraries.

SoundDogs.com prices are reasonable, the site is not rocket science to use. One time I didn’t get my download, contacted customer support and they had it fixed within like 30 minutes. They rock.

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