Boracay Philippines

Boracay Island
Boracay Island

A compiling of information about Boracay Island in the Philippines. Generally regarded as one of the top ten beaches in the world. When I ask a Filippina about where to go in the Philippines for a vacation – they almost always say “BOROCAY!”. Their eyes light up and they are very excited, and that gives me a hint that Boracay is fantastic vacation destination. Read on for more detailed info.

Boracay is a tropical island located approximately 315km (200 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of the island of Panay in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak (3 of the 17 barangays which make up the municipality of Malay), and is under the administrative control of the Philippine Tourism Authority in coordination with the Provincial Government of Aklan.

Boracay Philippines


The island was originally home to the Ati tribe. Boracay is part of Aklan Province, which became an independent province on April 25, 1956. Formerly undiscovered, it wasn’t till the 1970s that tourism began to develop in Boracay, and the island became popular with backpackers in the 1980s.

Years ago, Boracay Island was a well-guarded secret, almost possessively so that only a few knew of its existence.

It was only in the 70’s when, it is said, a foreign movie crew accidentally “discovered” this island paradise. Others maintain that it was the German traveller, Jens Peters’ book, which included rave reviews of Boracay that changed the island’s pace from that of being a quiet secret to eventually being voted (like many other beaches in the Asian region) as having the best beach in the world.

Whichever story is true, it was around this time that Boracay Island slowly ceased to be a private travellers hangout and eventually became a favourite tourist destination in the Philippines. In a span of a mere 10 years, the whole world, it seemed, discovered Boracay and the once, nearly deserted stretch of beach became a teeming vacation and leisure spot for upscale tourists from all parts of the world.

Borocai Map
Borocai Map


Map of the Philippines with Boracay Island indicated in the map.
Location of Boracay above Panay Island.Boracay Island is located off the northwest corner of the island of Panay, and belongs to the Western Visayas island-group, or Region VI, of the Philippines. The island is approximately seven kilometers long, dog-bone shaped with the narrowest spot being less than one kilometer wide, and has a total land area of 10.32 square kilometers.

South-facing Cagban Beach is located across a small strait from the jetty port at Caticlan on Panay island, and the Cagban jetty port serves as Boracay’s main entry and exit point during most of the year. When wind and sea conditions dictate, east-facing Tambisaan Beach serves as an alternative entry and exit point.

Boracay’s two primary tourism beaches, White Beach and Bulabog Beach, are located on opposite sides of the island’s narrow central area. White Beach faces westwards and Bulabog Beach faces eastwards. The island also has several other beaches.

White Beach is the main tourism beach. It is a bit over four kilometers long and is lined with resorts, hotels, lodging houses, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses. In the central portion, for about two kilometers, there is a footpath known as the Beachfront Path separating the beach itself from the establishments located along it. North and south of the Beachfront Path, beachfront establishments do literally front along the beach itself. Several roads and paths connect the Beachfront Path with Boracay’s Main Road, a vehicular road which runs the length of the island. At the extreme northern end of White Beach, a footpath runs around the headland there and connects White Beach with Diniwid Beach.

Bulabog Beach, across the island from White Beach, is a secondary tourism beach and Boracay’s main windsurfing and kiteboarding area.

Boracay natives
Boracay natives


Other than Filipino (Tagalog), English is widely spoken in Boracay. Aklanon or Akeanon, is also spoken, as Boracay is part of Aklan Province. The Ati language was spoken by the original inhabitants of the island.


Weather is dictated by the monsoon periods, and there are in general three major monsoons.

  • November – February: Northeastern monsoon, known as “Amihan,” has temperatures ranging from 77-90º F (25-32º C). Nights are cooler with the occasional rain shower and may be as cool as 72 degrees (22º C).
  • March – June: Summertime. Expect hot, summer days and nights in the order of around 82-100º F(28-38º C), interrupted by the occasional cooling thunderstorm.
  • July – October:  Southwest moonsoon, known as “Habagat”, is the wettest season and can get very sultry and humid, especially in August.
  • March-May are considered the busiest months, with the most tourists coming. June-September are viewed as off-season months and rates are generally the cheapest. October-December is, as noted above, the cooler period and most sports events occur during this time. Note also that Christmas vacation is a popular tourism time.  Think carefully before choosing Easter (holy week) for your vacation as the beach is insanely crowded – see photo below.
Boracay beach during crowded tourist season
Boracay beach during crowded tourist season

In January, Boracayans celebrate the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival in the third week of the month, which is much like Mardi Gras; it’s a huge tourist draw.


Boracay is relatively safe, but follow some basic rules to ensure your stay is as hassle free as possible:

  • Drink bottled water.
  • Apply plenty of sunblock.
  • Keep a close eye on valuables when out and about.
  • Bag snatchings are relatively rare in Boracay and are not limited to one specific area. Whether you are in the mall or on the beach, never leave your possessions unattended. Thieves target people who may have had a bit too much to drink and are not aware of their belongings. Skinny dipping usually results in the loss of your clothes, and one guy I know who was frolicking on the beach with his girlfriend looked up to discover his pants missing. Be warned!


  • My Philippina maid tells me because of global warning, January may have typhoons in the area and weather is cold. But she says February is perfect. Alternately, I found two more references online that did not paint such a grim picture. Read on.
  • Temperatures ranging from 27-32º C. Nights are cooler with the occasional rain.
  • From Yahoo Answers: I can say with 99% confidence you won’t have any problem with the weather. It’s far into dry season and you most likely will have perfect weather everyday. It’s peak tourist season there for good reasons. It’s also a little cooler at that time of year with temps in the high 70’s F to mid 80’s F everyday/ Enjoy your trip. I Live on Panay Island (that big one to the south of Boracay) and have been there many times.
  • Boracay weather is warm all year round but there is a dry season and a rainy season. During the dry season (December to July) White Beach is leeward shore which results in a calm, turquoise seas, ideal for frolics in the warm water to cool off from the tropical heat.

Boracay Sunset


Boracay’s White Beach.A number of accommodation types are scattered all over the island, ranging from luxurious hotel types to budget, spartan rooms. Guests can also choose according to location–Station 3 is where most of the cheaper lodgings are located, while Station 2 is meant for those who want to be within close proximity of the bars. Station 1, meanwhile, is where you can find the more isolated accommodations, offering peace and quiet to those looking for a respite from the usual action-packed Boracay night scene. These are usually for the more upscale vacationers.

Boracay is the site of a world-class 18-hole par 72 golf course designed by Graham Marsh. In addition, Boracay now has in excess of 350 beach resorts with more than 2,000 rooms ranging in quality from five-star to budget accommodations, so tourists are sure to find whatever they are looking for.

Boracay also offers a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs that bop until morning.

When paying for hotels where credit cards are accepted, be forewarned that a service charge of six percent or more is added, presumably as payment for the convenience. You will also find that most hotels add 10 percent service charge plus 10 percent government tax to your bill.

A final word on hotels before you go: Consider whether you would really want air conditioning, cable television, or a room mini-bar. After all you are on a tropical island communing with nature, and there are plenty of nice, comfortable rooms with a ceiling or floor fan. In fact, some hotels (for example, Nigi Nigi Nu Noos “e” Nu Nu Noos) feature rooms without telephone and television as a matter of policy so as to enhance the feeling of “getting away from it all.” Jony’s Beach Resort, on the other hand, is set amidst palm trees and greenery that give it an atmosphere of privacy.


  • Red Coconut – Do not stay at the Red Coconut. The Red Coconut is ok, good food, good location but the cottages at the back have big problems with the hot water supply. I would not stay there again.
  • Escondido – The “Escondido” hotel up near the church should be avoided like the plague, expensive bad location etc.
  • Dave’s Straw Hat Inn – Dave’s is highly recommended by Westerners.
  • Nigi Nigi – we always stay at nigi nigi (… they are very professional and the rates are not that bad at all. They also give great discounts for returning clients… Nigi Nigi has good reviews on several forums.
  • La Carmela De Boracay – Recommended: LA CARMELA DE BORACAY in boat station 2. You just step out of the hotel and you will hit the clear blue ocean.Good accommodations.It’s pretty close to most of the action on the island.Restaurants are just a short stroll away. The hotel is close to d’mall and talipapa for your pasalubongs.They have a pool in front for the kids or the kids at heart. Great staff. La Carmela @ Station 2, reasonable price (2,000 w/ breakfast plus swimming pool), beachfront a 10-minute Filipino-pace walk to d’mall, downside is there are a lot of hawkers and parang magulo when you step out of the hotel,
  • Boracay Terraces – Now,if you feel like being a hermit then BORACAY TERRACES in boat station 1 is my recommendation. Its quit a distance from the island “action”. But the “action” can still be reached by tricycle or a long walk by the seashore .But if you want to go to the clubs in boat station 2 and you leave the terraces late you may not find a tricyle waiting for you, so, you can either wait for one to come by or start walking by the seashore.They do have their own restaurant on the premises. Excellent staff. Very nice accommodations. Its more expensive than la carmela but more “exclusive” or “reclusive”.
  • Friday’s – Another one i would recommend is FRIDAYS in boat station 1 (it’s close to boracay terraces). Expensive but very nice accommodations. Great staff,too. Hope you have a great time in boracay but who doesn’t? It’s a pricy but excellent place i would really recommend to anyone going to boracay
  • Regency – I’ll give another nod to the Regency and Le Soleil. Both are excellent hotels. I was just there in August and we stayed at the Boracay Regency hotel and it was great…I see some other people already posted about it but I just wanted to give kudos to the resort!
  • Le Soleil – but I felt that Le Soleil had a warmer atmosphere, and more enjoyable as a couple
  • Truehome hotel and Seawind are awesome hotels nearer to station 1 but still accessible from station 2. Great accomodations if you want some quiet times on the island as opposed to all the partying and whatnot in station 2
  • Seawind – we stayed in seawind, a really nice hotel and very quiet.
  • Crystal Sands – We like the Crystal Sands Resort it’s nice and cheap and positioned very centrally near to “Bom Bom’s” and “Hey Jude”, costs about 30 UK pounds a night.
  • Ban’s Beach Resort – an’s Beach Resort @ Station 1, reasonable price (1,500 good for 2 no breakfast, 1,750 w/ breakfast), no noise, beachfront, breathable set up of cottages, perfect location,
  • Orchids Resort – Orchids Resort @ Station 3 (aircon room at 900 a nite, good breakast @ 100), quiet and friendly owners, you get a necklace souvenir, but this place is really good for those who do not mind going the distance….meaning walking, LOL, and I mean 20 minute walk to D’mall, it is a bit far but really you would get to appreciate nature here….
  • Blue Coral – Blue Coral – Boat Station 3. Very clean and service is great! Once they see you walk outta your room in the morning, they’ll be in there asap to clean and change your sheet. When you get on the Trike, just tell the driver: “Blue Coral on Eliza St. near TreeHouse Inn.” Once you get off, walk down the path and make a right. It’ll be beside Blue Mango Dive Shop. TIP: Trike drivers that are parked waiting for customers are more expensive than the ones who already passengers. Flagging on down is cheaper. Parked Trikes tend to over charge… almost double.


The thing about most hotels in Boracay is that you should choose yours based on your level of crowd and noise tolerance during the peak times.  Station I is where people go to see and be seen.  It’s also where most of the live music and commercial setups take place, full of promos and exhibits.  So basically if you’re between the ages of 15-30 and single, you’ll probably prefer Station I.  Slightly older married couples or parents with children would be better off staying in Station 2 or 3.  It’s much quieter on this side of the strip and is far less commercialized.  This is where you can argue that Boracay, as a whole, is not 100% about a wild party or commercialized atmosphere.  Station 2 and 3 are also where you’ll find the less expensive hotels and resorts.  Basically the rates are 100-300% higher in Station I during the peak season vs. the low season.  In contrast, the range I’ve seen most hotel/resort rooms go for is roughly 40-100% more during the peak season for resorts in Station 2 and 3.


The most convenient routing to Boracay is to fly direct from Manila to Caticlan, the airport closest to Boracay. The airport is located just opposite Boracay on the neighbouring island of Panay. The flight takes approximately one hour.

I personally prefer taking the prop plane to caticlan so that you only have a short boat ride to get to boracay islang. Flying in to kalibo is quite a hassle because you have to take long bus ride (and the bus trip isn’t all that great) to caticlan. The prop plane isn’t very scary. I advise taking asian spirit. They have a number of flights at varied times.

Time and Route for Hong Kong to Boracay

  • 2hrs for HK-Manila flight
  • 1 hrs for Manila international airport to domestic airport (include time for x-ray and check-in procedures)
  • 40 mins Manila- Caticlan airport
  • 30 mins Caticlan airport-Caticlan pier-Boracay pier
  • 15 mins Boracay pier to Boracay resorts

How to get to Boracay (from Kalibo Airport)

1. Ride the orange tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the van station for Caticlan near La Esperanza Hotel). Cost: PhP80.
2. Ride the van to Caticlan. The trip would take about 90 minutes. Cost: PhP100/person.
3. At the port pay the following: environmental fee (PhP50), terminal fee (PhP50), ferry (PhP19.50).
4. Just take the tricycle to your resort/hotel upon arrival at the Boracay port. Cost: PhP80 – 100.


  • Roundtrip from Macau (MFM) to Kuala Lumpur (KUL) – 1400MOP (190USD)
  • Roundtrip from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Manila (MNL) – MYR  2,161.00 (600USD)
  • Roundtrip from Macau to Manila (MNL) on Philippine Airlines – HKD  1,892.00 ($230USD)
  • Roundtrip from Manila (MNL) to Caticlan (MPH) on Philippine Airlines – 7,117.00 PHP (142USD)
  • Total price on Phillippine Air for roundtrip Macau/Manila/Caticlan is $372.00 USD.

Boracay Street Market


One of the extra advantages of Boracay Island is the very reasonable prices of food and beverages, for example a full breakfast is offered by most restaurants for less than P 200 ($4), a 3 – 4 course meal for P 300 – 500 ($7 – 10) and the internationally acclaimed San Miguel beer cost only P 40 ($0.75) – so dining on a Boracay beach, under the stars, followed by a bar-hopping evening will only place a small dent in your pocket. Every night on the island can be a Boracay party night.

I’m also told that Boracay is just a little more expensive than similiar places in Thailand like Phuket. (Phuket is so dirt cheap it’s not even funny. I got a fantastic room there for $20 a night. You can even get a room in Phuket for $8 a night if you want – off-season of course.)

Boracay is expensive by Philippines standards but not by western ones. Comparing Boracay prices to other destinations in the Philippines is a bit redundant though, unless you are comparing like for like. I don’t know of any other island in this country which offers the same things as Boracay does all together in the one place; watersports, diving, dining, scenery, spas, shopping etc. It isn’t just greed which keeps the prices high though. Businesses have to pay extremely high electricity and water bills for example.

As for water sports, if I remember correctly jetskiing was $50 for 30 minutes, and a little less than a hundred dollars for a full hour. Sailing goes for 500 pesos ($12.50) for an hour. There are other water sports available but I don’t remember the prices. People also rented out all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and I was able to get one for 800 pesos ($20) an hour, and this includes the guide who’ll take you to the top of the mountain where you could view the entire island.


Currency in Boracay is the Philippine Peso, or PHP. As of November 2008, exchange rate is $100.00USD to $5,000.00PHP


General concensus seems to be that Boracay has the best beaches hands down, in fact Cebu City does not have beaches. However, Boracay is more developed in it’s tourism and Cebu is quieter.

FORUM POST: Forget Cebu City and Manila for beaches. Boracay has a great beach plus nightlife.
Prices in Boracay probably a bit more expensive than similar places in Thailand. Boracay is also misspelled as Borokai, borokay, borakai and borakay.

Dos and Don’ts in Boracay


  • Diving is extremely popular around Boracay. The waters surrounding Boracay have excellent sites for beginners and experienced divers alike. The waters are packed with vibrant fish and reefs, wreck sites, caves and canyons. There are 30+ great dive sites within 30 minutes of Boracay, and 30 quality dive shops on the island. Diving is year round, although the best diving is considered to be January to June. PADI introductory courses are 2,500-3,000 PhP, and PADI open water certification courses are 10,000-12,500 PhP. Other courses available are advanced open water, advanced plus, rescue through dive master, as well as drift diving, night diving, cave diving, deep diving, and wreck diving… just to name a few!
  • Kiteboarding is one of the most popular watersports on Boracay, with a growing community devoted to this extreme sport. During the high season, Bulabog Beach is transformed into Asia’s best kiteboarding beach, due to the unique wave breaking reefs and ideal wind situations. There are numerous competitions and events here as well. The kiteboarding scene that has sprung from these conditions is rapidly increasing in popularity, and people are coming here from all over the world. Introductory courses are 3,000 PhP for a one day introductory course, and 7,500 PhP for a two day full course. Equipment rentals then are available at any of the ten shops along the beach, and are very reasonably priced. A good collection of new and used equipment is also available for purchase.
  • Sailing Getting out into the waters around Boracay is beautiful way to see the island. The Paraw is a simple sailboat that will cost you 350-500 PhP an hour, depending on your negotiating skills. It will take you around the island, where you can stop off at many of Boracay’s 12 beaches for a swim, snorkel or picnic. Many of these beaches are deserted, some accessable only by boat. The Paraw will come with an experienced captain, some snorkel gear, and is definitely the best way to get out and enjoy the sunset. The best way to get a boat is to approach the sailors directly on the beach and avoid the vendor’s commissions. Ahoy!
  • Spa and Massage There are many ways to treat yourself to a relaxing spa or massage on Boracay. For the budget traveller, there are many independent women that will walk down the beach and offer massages right on the sand. (300 PhP). There are also numerous massage stations on the footpath (350 PhP). There are some hotels that have massage houses on the beach that also offer quality massages (350-400 PhP). If you are looking for a spa, then there are some Spa’s such as Caesar’s on the main road (800 PhP), Madarin Hotel Station 1 White Beach including facials and bodywraps (1,500 PhP+/Hour), Surfside Yasuragi Spa Station 3 directly on the beach – massage, and wet and dry saunas (from 1,000 PhP+) as well as Danaru Spa near Bulabog Beach (1,500 PhP/2.5Hour). For the Royal Treatment, see the Mandala Spa (3,000-10,000 PhP).
  • Parasailing One of the more unique ways to see White Beach is by parasail while being pulled by a motorboat. The view from 100+ meters in the air is spectacular. It takes a minute or two of ascent to get to that height, and you remain there for ten to fifteen exhilerating minutes. Parasail rides are usually done a safe distance of about a kilometer out from White Beach. You can get these rides through Diamond Watersports Station 1, Mandarin Hotel Station 2, or Seraph Hotel Station 2 to name a few. Rides typically cost 1,800 to 2,500 PhP per person.
  • Speedboats & Jet skis can be rented at various places around the island. The Speedboats come with a guide who will drive the boat, or once you are out at sea, let you drive. The speedboats cost 3,000 PhP/hour, but drinks and beers are provided. Jet Skis are also available. They are parked out on floating rafts away from the crowds. A boat will ferry you out to the raft, where you can rent them for 2,500 PhP/half hour. Jet Skis are most fun when you have a few friends also out with you. Ride responsibly!
  • Helicopter Adventures  and rides are available from the Boracay Heliport near Cagban Port. The helicopter is a R44 Raven – for three passengers plus the pilot. They have Caticlan to Boracay transfer service (2,750 PhP/person), as well as White Beach tours (3,500 PhP/person), and Island Tours (5,300 PhP/person). They also have inter-island tours, sunset tours, and charter flights. Captain Jack is an experienced pilot, and an air tour of Boracay is a great experience. Phone 036-288-4356.
  • Skimboarding has come to Boracay in a big way. Skimboarding is a clean and cheap sport, and has become popular along White Beach. The locals teach visitors the basics. It’s fun and easy to learn, but takes time and practice to master. It makes for a fun afternoon, and is great exercise. You can rent skimboards for 200 PhP per hour, and they will show you how to use it.  There are skimboard shops all down White Beach. Some good guys operate the shops in front of Red Coconut Hotel Station 2, and in front of True Home Hotel Station 1.
  • Horseback Riding – located at Station 1 behind the main road. Boracay Horse Stables (800PhP/Hour)
  • Golf – Fairways and Bluewater 18 hole first class golf course
  • Henna Tatoo is available all over White Beach. The artists are quite skilled, and is reasonably priced.
  • Banana Boat Ride – 200 PhP per person, 4 riders or more.
  • Kingfisher’s Farm – behind boat station 3 near Bulabog Beach. You can fish for your lunch in a very relaxing environment. The staff will grill up your catch.
  • Tennis – There are tennis courts at Tirol & Tirol Resort central White Beach Station 2.
  • Wallclimbing – In the center of D’Mall, or at Patio Pacific Resort.
  • Ultimate Frisbee – There are afternoon games on White Beach that you can join in.
  • Manicure/Pedicure – There are a few places in D’Mall, or shops along White Beach. There are also women walking up and down the beach that offer nail treatments at a reasonable price while you lounge on the beach.
  • Shopping – D’Mall (upscale) or D’Talipapa (local) markets, or anywhere along White Beach. Best deals are further from the White Beach footpath, and it pays to negotiate. They will give you a “special price” that is really your starting point for bargaining.
  • Bat Caves – Located at the northern tip of Boracay. Rent a trike for <150 PhP/Hour. A local kid will take you into the caves for a small tip. Can add in a stop at Puka Shell Beach for a good afternoon.
  • Gym – There are gyms at Seraph, Patio Pacific, Boracay Holiday and the Regency. This includes use of their swimming pool (150 PhP+)
  • Butterfly Gardens – There are butteryfly gardens at the entrance to the golf course. A good stop if you are mountain biking or ATVing in the northern part of the island.
  • ATV /Offroad buggies – can be rented on a hourly basis to cruise around the northern part of the island. They are available at several shops north of station 1. Can be arranged through the Seraph Hotel or Mandarin Hotel at Station 2, or Diamond Watersports Station 1.
  • Bulabog Beach – Most tourists stay on White Beach, but it is only a ten minute walk to Boracay’s secondary tourism beach. To get there, take one of the roads heading East from behind D’Mall. Excellent for sunrises and watersports in high season.


  • Don’t leave valuables on the beach when swimming. Boracay is a pretty safe place for tourists, but there are always bad apples. Don’t flash around large quantities of cash.
  • Don’t get angry or argue. Loss of face is something to be avoided in Asia, the Philippines is no exception. The Filipinos are a friendly and hospitable people. Smile. You’re on vacation.
  • Don’t drink the tap water. While the water quality in Boracay is getting better, it’s still best not to drink it. Larger hotels have their own purification systems, and the ice is also made from purified water.
  • Don’t be too quick to meet up with someone for an encounter. Some have been known to ask for money for services, and others simply to rob you. Know that there are very attractive girls that are actually boys. Having said that, Boracay is a seductive and romantic place and there are many encounters that are just good fun. Be smart.
  • Don’t do drugs here. The Philippines have very strict laws and are enforced. While it may be possible for foreigners to pay a heavy fine / bribe, this is not assured, and happens less as of late. In any case, the drug scene in Boracay is minimal at best, and this should not be an issue. There are undercover police officers offering marijuana.
  • Don’t overstay your visa. The Philippines actually have quite favourable extension rules; visit the Bureau of Immigration early for extensions. (located behind D’Mall on the main road)

Areas of Boracay – by Station

  • White Beach, Boat Station 1 is the North-Western section of White Beach that is home to some of the top luxury resorts on Boracay. White Beach is at its widest, and it is considered to be to the upscale section of Boracay. Almost all of the resorts are directly on the beach, and having most services on-site. The footpath ends, and travel is by foot down the beach to get to central White Beach.
  • White Beach, Boat Station 2 is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of White Beach. There are some high-end resorts, and many of the popular pubs and bars. D’Mall is also here, a collection of 100 small tourist shops and restaurants that reach to the back of the main road. This is the shopping center of White Beach, and where a lot of the action takes place.
  • White Beach, Boat Station 3 was the last section of White Beach to be developed. Most of the remaining White Beach budget and native style bungalows are located here, although recently more upscale resorts and services have been developed to take advantage of this more relaxed atmosphere. It is the quietest part of White Beach. There are some excellent value accommodations, as well as a few of the nicest White Beach Resorts.
  • Bulabog Beach is the 1.5km long water sports beach of Boracay, and is located on the east side of the island. It is home for much of the windsurfing and kite boarding,and also has jet skis, parasailing and boating of all types. It is a 5 minute walk to D’Mall, 10 minutes to White Beach. There are some resorts here as well. The beach is protected by an offshore coral reef. It is less developed and quieter than White Beach. “Number One kite boarding beach in Asia.”
  • Off White Beach are various other accommodations, many of the top luxury private resorts. Some are more remote, and offer a retreat from the tourists of the more popular beaches. There are a variety of unique rooms and resorts available around the island. All have shuttle services to and from White Beach.

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  1. The beach that is very popular in Philippines and know to be one of the most popular beaches in Asian country..

  2. I’ve also been told that Puerto Princessa in the Philippines is a very good beach destination.

    I’m thinking about taking my next vacation to either Boracai or Princessa, anyone else have any other info?

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  4. Boracay (pronunciation is little bit a problem!)is a perfect spot for a tropical island vacation. During our stay the coral vegitation near the beach was gone due to a typhoon but it still is a good diving spot. Stay at the Mango-ray resort; Good spot, price and accomodation. Owned by a Swiss so you can eat raclette while it`s 35C!
    Straight out of the hotel you cross the “street”(in fact just sand) and walk into the water! Take a drink at the juice bar; lounge music and a cocktail $1.00. Mostly korean tourists

  5. I have information on Palawan posted here:

    I’m thinking of going to Palawan next week. Friends and Filipinas have told me it’s absolutely wonderful – more touristy by Puerto Princessa but once you go North on Palawan they say it’s very laid back (but a little hassle to get around, have to take a truck over rough roads or hire a boat).

    In July 2009 I went to Boracay for four days. What a crazy place. Definately a party place, comparable on a very small scale to Phuket or Pattaya. I don’t know if I would go back – had some awkward experiences where people were very aggressive. The beaches and water are beautiful. I went during the windy and rainy season, but still nice. Maybe it’s a different experience when it’s in full swing.

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  8. We were there March last year and I can’t believe you can enjoy the same beauty of the beaches as in Carribean but for a lot cheaper price. And the biggest plus Boracay has is the kind of hospitality that only Filipinos know how to share.

  9. it’s nice noh! but never pa me na kapunta ng bora… and sana magkaoroon ng time na makapunta ako at ma experence kung gano msaya ang makarating don…….

  10. The information you shared is priceless. Thanks for sharing this to the readers who have a little or no idea about the island. Keep up the good work and God Bless.-Engr Jayl Boraweather

  11. I just got back from Boracay stayed in La Carmela De Boracay with my family including two kids. Weather is nice in February 2012, people are nice, plenty of Restaurants to eat and lots of things to do. Kids doesn’t want to be bother but they’re always on the beach. They’ve too much fun. Nothing like this in Sacramento, California. For sure we’re going back.

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