Brugge, Belgium photos (Bruges)

While performing with Cirque du Soleil in Brussels, Belgium – I took a day trip to Brugge. I loved it so much that I went back and spent another three days there. It’s known as a “magical medeival fairytale city”.  Buildings in this town go back to the 14th century and earlier. I was told that during World War II there was an agreement not to harm the city, so it escaped the destruction that destroyed so many other medieval towns in Europe.

Whenever I mention Brugge, anyone who’s been there says “that’s my favorite city” if they’ve been there. It was so peaceful, beautiful, delicious food and even some windmills. The night photography in Bruges was so much fun with all the canals and narrow alleys with cobblestone roads. I hope you enjoy some of these photos. On a final note, what is the correct spelling? My local guide spells it “Brugge” but the famous movie with Colin Farrell is spelled “In Bruges”. Maybe more than one spelling is okay…..

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