Email Q&A: Please Give Me a Christmas Tree

Originating from one of my old blog posts about giving Donations as Christmas Presents:

I received this email:

i am member of a Shaloom Church in Pakitan. i am founding a Christmas Tree But i have no meet a Christamas Tree. Sir Plz Send me a Christmas Tree. Before a 25 December . My Pastor is a very upset. For a Christmass Tree. My all Planing is panding. i am waiting your’s to gift.

My Name is :      Shahbaz Tabassum
Address:             Shaloom Church, New Shoukat Town, Ghazi Road,
Pastore Name:    *Edited*
Contact  No.        *Edited*

God Bless You and your family and i wish you good luck in his future life.



I greet you and your family with Shalom and Sha-na-na. I also wish you and your family good luck – but if you like you can receive the good luck in this life; you do not have to wait until the next one. This choice is up to you.

As for the Christmas Tree. If I send you a Christmas Tree then you will just have a tree. And I don’t think that’s very much in the Christmas spirit. So instead, I will give you a wonderful Christmas gift by NOT sending you a Christmas tree.

The two Christmas gifts I give you are:

  1. The gift of patience for your pastor who is upset about the Christmas tree. With a good sermon he will light the hearts of his congregation more than any Christmas tree.
  2. For you I give you more time to spend with your family next year. If you are unsuccessful in getting a Christmas tree by trolling the internet for related blog posts – then I hope next year you refrain from doing this and spend that time saved with your family. I think they will appreciate it. I know I will.

God bless and Merry Christmas!

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