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David McCarthy is a former student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment and a friend of mine. He has helped create and launch a website so former Ramtha students can share their experiences. The website is located at This is a website primarily for ex-Ramtha students, family and those that have questions.

Ramtha, aka JZ Knight, was featured in the movie “What The Bleep” and is a reputed 35,000 year old channeled spirit from Atlantis. Many people have followed her teachings and attended seminars at her compound in Yelm, WA.

How does an intelligent and studied person end up in an organization like this? That is part of what David McCarthy wants to shed light on. You can also find a lot of skeptic articles about Ramtha at one of my favorite websites: The James Randi Educational Foundation.

David has gone through a lot to unravel the web weaved while in Ramtha and I applaude him for his courage and dedication to this effort. In an age where it’s so popular to have an open mind, it’s good to remember the mind should not be SO open that the brain falls out.

When you get your mind back it’s a wonderful thing. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially on pseudo-science.


Getting Sprung from the Snare

Leaving a group such as this is usually not easy. Why? Because there are “costs” associated with leaving. One can look at themselves and evaluate the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual costs of leaving. They face issues such as these and before actual leaving, a person may cling to the group and play mind games with themselves (defense mechanisms) to keep themselves from having to deal with the effects of leaving. One may justify behaviors to themselves to stay in the group, though they know they need to get out. It’s necessary to face the emotional cost of exiting such a group, such as leaving friends, who will probably abandon you. Facing the psychological and emotional issues of leaving; shame, depression, isolation, sadness, guilt, anger, abandonment, betrayal, confusion, lost self-esteem. Physically, it’s not unheard of for people to delay leaving a group even when they know it’s over, because of the emotional impact of moving on.

* “People leave cults for a variety of reasons. After becoming aware of hypocrisy and/or corruption within the group, converts who have maintained an element of independence and some connection with their old values may simply walk out disillusioned. Other members may leave because they have become weary of a routine of proselytizing and fund-raising. Sometimes even the most dedicated members may feel so inadequate in the face of the cult’s demands that they walk away, not because they have stopped believing, but because they feel like abject failures. Still others may renounce the cult after reconnecting to old values, goals, interests, or relationships, resulting from visits with parents, talks with ex-members, or counseling.

Persons who consider leaving a group such as this, are usually pressured to stay. Some ex-members say that they spent months, even years, trying to garner the strength to walk out. Some felt so intimidated that they departed secretly.

Although most group members eventually walk out on their own, parental alarm should not be discounted. First, many, if not most, who leave cults on their own are psychologically harmed, often in ways which they do not understand. Second, some cultists never leave, and some of these are severely harmed. And third, there is no way to predict who will leave, who won’t leave, or who will be harmed.”



“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
–From Hamlet (I, v, 166-167)

After a person has left a group they go through their personal recovery process. This process includes healing from emotional, psychological, spiritual, and perhaps physical trauma. While each person’s story is somewhat different there are phases that people go through while moving on. Ex-group members may find help in talking to others, educating themselves about similar types of groups, and eventually re-adapting to society. The following information is a summary by Margaret Thaler Singer about group recovery processes. Gift yourself with the time it takes to read through all of this material.

“Post-Cult After Effects
Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D.
excerpted from the website:

After exiting a cult, an individual may experience a period of intense and often conflicting emotions. She or he may feel relief to be out of the group, but also may feel grief over the loss of positive elements in the cult, such as friendships, a sense of belonging or the feeling of personal worth generated by the group’s stated ideals or mission. The emotional upheaval of the period is often characterized by “post-cult trauma syndrome”:

spontaneous crying
sense of loss
depression & suicidal thoughts
fear that not obeying the cult’s wishes will result in God’s wrath or loss of salvation
alienation from family, friends
sense of isolation, loneliness due to being surrounded by people who have no basis for understanding cult life
fear of evil spirits taking over one’s life outside the cult
scrupulosity, excessive rigidity about rules of minor importance
panic disproportionate to one’s circumstances
fear of going insane
confusion about right and wrong
sexual conflicts
unwarranted guilt

The period of exiting from a cult is usually a traumatic experience and, like any great change in a person’s life, involves passing through stages of accommodation to the change:

Disbelief/denial: “This can’t be happening. It couldn’t have been that bad.”

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  1. This article is highly biased. The assumption is that this is a cult which it is not. I’ve been to Ramtha classes and am not a current student. I know many people who do attend classes. I believe your article is way off the mark. How does an intelligent and studied person end up writing an article like this?

    clevelandufo dot com – UFO Website

  2. If it is biased then that should be shown. I was surprised to see a comment so fast on this article. To my knowledge it has not yet been crawled by Google. How did you find it?

  3. Guess you can’t convince something to someone, whose job it is not to be convinced. I attended that school before. I can assure you it is not a cult. They tell you if you don’t want to be there to leave. No one forces you to do anything, nor do they psychologically guilt you into doing anything.

  4. This is ll pretty wild because I have just started reading about ramtha,and my sister in law went to her school and she swears its real, and they havent been able to prove her to be faking, so now what?I’am Indian and I can tell you that we are very very spiritual people, and have totally different outlook on life, than the other nationalitys of this earth, i mean look where we are now, the earth is about destroyed…whats up with that??people have to be open minded, and not stuck in what “SOCIETY” says is right and wrong, cuz you never really know now do ya?so live and let live, and do your part to help this messed up place we call home, instead of judging.

  5. Urgh. Quoting Dawkins says it all. Sounds like you have a hard time thinking for yourself.

  6. I think most people are looking for somethng to give their power away to. Ramtha teaches people not to do this. Most don’t listen. And so you have people doing what people do best, creating dogma and drama where there is none. Anyone who actually listens to Ramtha will hear him say that does not wish to be followed, nor does he wish to be worshipped. Yikes, it’s amazing what people invent to justify staying asleep.

  7. Hmmm….People often believe what works for them. When it no longer works for them, they change thier minds, and move onto the next thing. I like the idea of keeping an open mind. What works and makes sense to me might sound like utter rubbish to someone else. It is our right as human beings to believe how we wish, and act or not act on it. As for Ramtha, I don’t know, and I’m okay with that. I like the idea of creating my own reality, that I am not seperate from God, that I am not something flawed and wrong. But the 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior???That stretches credibility a tad.

  8. Maybe part of having an ‘open mind’ is realizing that we don’t know what we don’t know, and that our perspective is limited. So, for Ram to be what he claims may simply be out of our ‘box’. Why do we always feel we have to pass a judgement on things? Good/bad. Real/not real. Maybe it doesn’t matter in the end. But when you contemplate the Presence in yourself and feel it, then go further and experience an unconditional self-love, when you stop giving your power away and claim it as your birthright, the details lose meaning. When you step out of fear into joy, the world changes in the snap of a finger. Credibility, proof, evidence…you won’t need it anymore when you meet yourself full on.

  9. I’ve been to a few of the Ramtha classes before. It is all what a person makes of it. It is not a cult unless you make it one. I’ve seen people take these beautiful teachings and make a religion out of it and then get upset and disillusioned at some point and lash out. That’s what this person is doing here.

    It’s just a philosophy pure and simple, take from it what you will. I was never forced to do anything or believe anything I didn’t want to.

  10. Take notice that will all the “skeptic” website, specific examples are never cited. It is all very general and mostly just the defiiniton of the word cult.

  11. I have read the book years ago and I say it follows along some of the ideas I have had in my own life but to actually be in the same with
    others after so many telling me that I have been in the wrong groups or hanging with the worng people for so long I feel that every damn group has had its coming apart for a long time…
    I dont care to belong with a group though I do need some people in my life as long as they are willing to be more than a group with one thing in mind… Does having a lot of people around you mean that I am involved with a cult?
    and what happens if I am not taken to be a part of the group even though I feel its what I think to though some of the things are off in my thinkings… is it possiable that there is a missing linkage to some of the facts????
    Ramtha you are rightfully right in most of your thoughts as for the rest man why does life have to be so hard to so many of us….. I wonder about the voices I hear if its a mixed of Micheal and Ramtha Elders or more than that…. mayhaps from the beyond or maybe its Gee waves to the others side of a nother life forming again……….so far we have yet to actually see an out come out of all the CULTS….is my own family to many or arre we just the right size to be a cult from here to there…. wow radios sure do need to be cut down……..

  12. This about says it all about these types of cults

    Copyrighted Spirit

    VIENNA — A medium and author has won the sole right to “contact” a 30,000-year-old spirit.

    Judy Z. Knight, an American, claims to have close spiritual ties with Ramtha, who she says has relayed messages to her since 1978.

    But in September 1992, she claims, her psychic channel became ”disturbed” by Judith Ravell of Berlin, who says she started contacting Ramtha about that time.

    The legal battle has been dragged through Austria’s courts for three years.

    The country’s supreme court has awarded copyright to Knight and ordered Ravell to drop her claim to be in contact with Ramtha. Ravell has held several seminars and festivals in Salzburg at which she has passed on what she claims to be the spirit’s messages.

    Ramtha, said to be the leader of the sunken continent of Atlantis, is much sought after in esoteric circles in Europe and the United States. Knight secured her U.S. copyright in the late 1970s after claiming that he told her she was the only medium with right of access to him.

    The court told Ravell that her psychic interruption over the past five years had left Knight “hanging in spiritual limbo,” and it ordered Ravell to pay $800 in damages. Knight’s lawyers are looking for thousands more. Ramtha was unavailable for comment.
    Medium wins channeling right, The Guardian (England), June, 1997

  13. This article is outrageous and completely one sided. The students or ex-students who experience such things have created such experiences in their own mind to be a victim to their life for attention. These people are chemically addicted to the emotions of pain and suffering.

    It is a shame to see such people put a burden upon themselves whenever there is such potential, possibility, and opportunity. With every way of life someone studies and applies in their life there are ups and downs, ditches and bridges. If you truly understood quantum physics and how the brain operates none of this would be a problem.

    You are already God, God is closer than your breathe and is every atom and cell within your body. God is the flower that blooms in the middle of the darkest night. God is everything that is and will be. God isn’t some crazy on a throne who judges the whole of humanity to heaven or hell. That is what the powers that be desire you to believe, so that you aren’t free, so that you will create a life of a sinner and becoming a victim to everything in your life.

    That is more disillusioned then being taught by a 35,000 year teacher. 🙂



  14. My understanding of Quantum Physics is limited, but my psychic powers seem to have spiked because I sense you live within the gravitational pull of Yelm, WA.


  15. I need to get my sister to realize before she goes broke – to get the hell away from a ex teacher of Ramtha…He is in NYC and he is really screwing up alot of students heads. -Please leave me a contact e-mail address David Mccarthy – this is urgent. post a message to me on how to contact you via e-mail

  16. Just go to to hear what ex students are saying – I am not a victim and have never claimed to be so I don’t know what you are talking about Micheal – you must be a teacher at the school defending it as such, are you the person who *edited*

    I dont believe that god is sitiing on a throne judging people, I also don’t believe that a 35,000 year old “entity” is being channelled either and knows everything, I also don’t believe this so claimed 35,000 year old spirit taught Jesus everything he knew – let’s see some miracles being performed by this “being” which to my knowledge so one has ever seen – wake up from your own insanity…………..

  17. John says:

    “…I attended that school before. I can assure you it is not a cult. They tell you if you don’t want to be there to leave. No one forces you to do anything, nor do they psychologically guilt you into doing anything.”

    To say that they tell you if you don’t want to be there you can leave is a bit ludicrous. They tell you that after you are already there. Many travel more then halfway around the globe to get there, and have already paid their money. Note: they don’t tell you you can leave AND get your money back!

    They have many requirements, while that may not be holding you down on the ground making you stay, it certainly adds to the influence to do so. Please find below (taken out of context, the full document is at the link below) just one small sample of how one is directed to do as they are told.

    Ranch Rules
    • Nonparticipation: All students are expected to participate fully in the disciplines for their group as set out by Ramtha.
    • Wine Drinking: You may only drink wine when Ramtha toasts. Do not drink in between Ramtha’s toasts. Do not try and “catch-up” if you were out of your seat at the time of a toast.

    Cathy says:

    “This is ll pretty wild because I have just started reading about ramtha,and my sister in law went to her school and she swears its real, and they havent been able to prove her to be faking, so now what?I’am Indian and I can tell you that we are very very spiritual people, and have totally different outlook on life, than the other nationalitys of this earth, i mean look where we are now, the earth is about destroyed…whats up with that??people have to be open minded, and not stuck in what “SOCIETY” says is right and wrong, cuz you never really know now do ya?…”

    No offense meant, but just because your sister says so does not make it so. JZ has only had one group of “scientists” there to do tests. All of them will admit that their study had nothing to do with proving or disproving her veracity. In fact, their test showed that of the students tested they rated more then 3 times the average norm in being able to be brought to states common in hypnosis. JZ scored the highest of the bunch. For the record she has never allowed anyone in to see if she was faking or not.

    Anyway, what sort of comment is …”not stuck in what “”society”” says is right or wrong””? Our society here in the US is one of the more diverse in the world there are many disagreements on whats right and wrong. I.E. right to life, death penalty, flag burning, paying taxes etc.

    John (2nd) says:

    “…I’ve seen people take these beautiful teachings and make a religion out of it and then get upset and disillusioned at some point and lash out. That’s what this person is doing here…”

    Below, find a portion of JZ Knights/ramtha’s attorney in response to a complaint filed with the Attorney General in Washington state. Is he lashing out and disillusioned?? The full document can be viewed at:

    “…As a threshold matter, it is my informed opinion that Ms. Knight’s School, at
    which the Teachings of Ramtha are presented, is religious in nature and hence
    beyond the regulatory authority of the Attorney General. Although Ms. Knight
    does not represent that the School is an established religion, the body of
    Teachings developed through her over the last several decades and regularly
    presented at the School represent, collectively, a spiritual belief system related
    to man’s place in the universe and his relationship with God. As such, I believe
    the advocacy of the Teachings are clearly protected by Article 1, S 1 1 of
    the Washington State Constitution, …”

    John G says:

    “Take notice that will all the “skeptic” website, specific examples are never cited. It is all very general and mostly just the defiiniton of the word cult.”

    John, take notice that I have not used the word cult so far and also notice that the specifics i have cited have come from the horses mouth so to speak.

    Michael says:

    “God isn’t some crazy on a throne who judges the whole of humanity to heaven or hell. That is what the powers that be desire you to believe, so that you aren’t free, so that you will create a life of a sinner and becoming a victim to everything in your life”.

    Michael, Michael,

    You will really have to do a bit better the just parrot what is in the RSE “bible” the White Book (see 3rd line from the bottom pg.55)

    In addition, speaking of thrones….

    Just because this “god” wears blue jeans and replaces heaven and hell with the alternatives of being in “social conciousness” or “knowingness”, etc she/he/it still dictates from her/his/its throne!!! IT be so!

    There you go.
    Methinks all of you have seemed to have fallen on your own petard!

  18. Does anyone know where I can find former or current Ramtha followers that are living, working or visiting Egypt? I am doing and Anthropology research project for my University and I would like to contact people in Egypt.

    Thank you!

  19. I find Ramatha’s teaching to be nothing new. What I hear from He/She is a lot of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian beliefs, a wide mix of beliefs. Remote view is nothing new…. Quantum physic and social consciousness also nothing new. The earth changes (the Mormons have been preparing forever). I have seen many persons come back from a school event and be in fear of the days to come… and when your life becomes all about what Ramatha’s say’s. You should take time to think for yourself. Ramtha says we should buy computers, I pods, drink wine, and eat meat, smoke a pipe…and on and on…. but people do follow like sheep it’s in our nature to look to the outside for our guidance.

  20. My sister killed herself after leaving this cult in 2006. After giving thousands of dollars to them, she became very close with J.Z and evn went to her mansion for Christmas. Why does she live in such extravagance when the rest of them stay in bunks? She came to her senses and actually saw inconsistancies in JZ’s behavior and caught her in a lie. She was convinced the cult was following her and tormenting her after she left ( which may or may not be true, they lost A LOT of money when she left) J.Z used one of her minions named MARK something (also a “student”) to help use her for her money. It is said that she traps newly divorcees who are looking for something more in life. Obviously these people are lonely , depressed , have low self esteem so they naturally want to be a part of something. Mark used the line ” I had a dream about you last night” I can’t help but wonder how many times he has used this line. Good looking guy but no job, no skills, very braggy about how he was from Denmark and translates books. But my sister was supporting him fully. He seemed to be very immature and lazy. Just want to warn people.

    I have seen Ramtha movie and intervews with J.Z she calls people morons and swears a lot she is NOT evolved so I don’t know why people find her charming.

    Well my sister is gone so what’s the point… I guess I want to warn people who have loved ones. Get them help. Psychiatric help. I would be willing to bet the majority of the people involved have some kind of mood disorder and can’t find a place to belong. Whether its depression, bi-polar, or social anxiety they can find peace here at a cost- high cost- money, lack of diagnosis, detatchment from family, or worse.

  21. Best you should change the blog subject Former Students of Ramtha Website to something more catching for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the the writing even sononetheless.

  22. i know some people right now that have been attending Ramtha seminars. We live in Portland Or and they drive up there a few times a year. Honestly they come back saying some bizarre things, things like “there are no pictures of the north and south poles and that there is giant holes in the poles and we can walk in to the earth this way”. I came back with” we do too have pictures of the north pole” they then said” ya but the poles have shifted 3 degree and now the hole isn’t there” I chimed in with” you must be talking about magnetic north which is in a huge body of water” and they looked puzzled.

    I did like Singers article and found it to be educational! But the Scientology add along with this article is quite disturbing. If people are really needing help out of a cult, they don’t need a new one right their at the bottom of the page!

  23. I love Ramtha’s teachings! Forget everything but the actual teachings. It doesn’t matter where it’s coming from. Also, look at Jesus Christ’s Life and his teachings… Many people thought he was a fake. After he was killed by those people, the cult of Christianity was formed. If Christ walked the Earth today, he wouldn’t be a Christian. Most Christians don’t even know how incredible Christ’s teachings are. They’re into worshopping and diety-making because it’s easier than doing the WORK necessary to really understanding Christ and to become a master. People want to believe God had ONE son, when scripture clearly states that we are the sons and daughters of God. Is this inconsistency in the scripture, or are Christians re-creating God in their own image and believing selectively?

  24. In other words, maybe former Ramsters are diety-making types and just didn’t want to do the work. As I understand it, the disciplines of Ramtha are not easy. Meditation is not easy. Looking at oneself honestly is not easy. Ridding oneself of destructive behaviors is not easy. It’s easy to worship a diety — and then blame them when things don’t work out.

    By the way, I’ve never been at Ramtha’s school and never met JZ. I’ve just read books and listened to CDs. And, I’m a much better person for it. Isn’t that the point?

  25. yes diane the actual teachings might be ok. expensive even so copied from all kind of sources.i gave jz the credit in believing her. sadly she lies. why do longtime students die just like everybody else. why do students build underground bunkers if they just can shift timelines? why get students raped from rse staff. why do students commit suicide and murder if everything is so peachy. ramtha is fiction. i see no validation to compare ramtha with jesus. are you former or curent rse saff.

  26. What gets me.. isnt the question of whether she is real, Im sure she teaches some great things, and can predict such future events .. what tweaks me is that, I just received an email SPECIAL EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT FROM RAMTHA for STUDENTS on the Pacific Rim, regarding food crisis and other things and a guest speaker.. all streamed in.. but ya have to pay 50.00 for this stream and another 25.00 for the speakers stream..AND its ONLY for her students who have alreayd paid.. a TON of money mind you for their main classes and other streaming events they decide to participate in. Any human being who is genuinely concerned for the safety and well being of human kind would be making this public and FREE. This woman makes millions.. thats all shes about. The almighty dollar. THAT pisses me off. Give me your money and I’ll save you.. dont have it..too bad. is what I get from all of that. sad really.

  27. I spent many years attending rse events.

    I moved from another country. dedicated my life to teachings. I was compelled.

    I realize now that i was young and Gulliable.

    Moments that caused me to question:

    Number one was when JZ called a meeting and asked for donations to keep the school from bankruptcy.
    I had given her every cent I made beyond my cost of living as did thousands of others.

    she must have been pulling 3 to 5 million a year out of her barn.
    with a dirt floor.

    Sorry if you can’t manage your money but I got no more to give

    I heard all the comments about how much the school cost to run etc etc but I have since gained experience in these matters and it is a sham.

    Perhap she should have refrained from ordering the 400 year old japanese maple from japan…. you see where I am going.

    Number 2

    Wine ceremonies. They seemed fun at first. People getting absolutley wasted chuggu=ing red wine. After a while the fights, sex in the woods, puking, hangovers bullshit become a complete bore.

    There were times when I remained sober and watched the chaos around me. I was completely sober with 1000 of the most inebriated people I have ever seen. It was a bit intimidating. For the most part they are a good willed group but there are a number of wackos.

    I had a drinking problem as a youth and as I watched my friends go down the road of drinking and drug use and the negative effects it was having on their lives I decided this was no longer for me.

    Number 3 was when we all stared making elixer of life from seawater by precipitaing minerals from the water and drinking this thick white liquid that I could only decsribe as cold whale semen. YUCK. drank it 3 times and said f*** that.

    I have watched many people decline in numerous ways. The biggest thing is the gut wrenching fear that permeates the community. There is no investment in any kind of real future for the community as everyone believes the end is imminent. Many have believed this for 20 years or more.

    I say that population growth, resource depletion and financial systems problems are something that faced every society and will continue to forever. We should not give up on these issues and plan for a ficticious event that will purify us all.

    The ramsters are so judgmental of each other and show now compassion due to the fact the believe you are 100% responsible for the conditions of your life. The seem to hold unfathomable faith in our abilities to be superhuman in the face of the reality that conditions to which many of them choose to live have caused many of them to decline in quality if life from excessive pipe tobacco smoking( a RSE ritual) to binge drinking of the highest order, Massive use of Ecstacy and amphetamines throughout the community. Many though ecstacy to be the elixer of life. Some people got rich Is what saw. Some of the most prominent members of the inner circle were involved in Exstasy distribution. I don’t think RSE promoted MDMA directly but there was a lot of talk about white powder gold being an elixer of life at this time.

    I do not know if JZ Knight condoned it or used ecstasy but a lot of students did

    There was a lot of good knowledge mixed in with a whole lot of quackery and manipulation.

    I believe most people involved cannot see how brainwashed they are. It took me years to unwind all the fear and paranoia.

    They seriously believe they have ‘inside’ information.

    I was enticed by teachings that challenged me to become greater than myself. I had some profound experiences at RSE. But these were a result of dedicated self reflection which I have come to realize has always been a natural part of our growth. Challenging situations make us grow. So for that I guess i am thankfull that I grew out of the need to be abused and treated like I am worthless and a meal ticket for a greedy needy person. Thanks JZ

    Well, tHANKS FOR READING. You don’t have to take that shit.
    Yours in spirit,

  29. starting at the back James obviously has issues and it doesn’t sound like he’s ever been to school.I have known many of the disgruntled ex students,, including David McCarthy.the ones I’ve known did not apply themselves with the tools that they were given.the disgruntled ones expected it to be handed to them but it is a lot of hard work.the drug iissues Debbie describes I have never experienced but all the s*** in society will inevitablymake it in to school as well. I have been and none current student for almost 20 yearsI was never forced to do anythingphysically or mentally or psychologically. I came to school poor and with a couple of serioushandicaps, 1 a spine that could barely support its own weightand a deteriorating inner ear causing me to have no hearing .I simply apply what I had been taught, and today as a 50 year old I can throw a 200 pound load on my shoulder have full hearing on both ears andI am quite abundant simply by using what I had when it comes down to it the proof is in the pudding, and some fools are simply too ignorant to use the tools handed to them.or too lazy.I never treated it as a religion I never worshipped Ramtha or my very first event I was warned not to trust anything or anyone outside of myself just do the work and see if it works.give a bunch of people and hammer and some of them will turn craftsmans and carpenters and blacksmith and others will simply hit their fingers or them self in the head. Some people will make poor sailors because they expect to have back wwind all the timebut an excellent sailor knows how to sail against the wind.and to all of you who hasn’t been in school you should shut up because you have no idea what you’re talking aboutand to all of you X students who are victims and very disgruntledyou were too f****** scared of letting your altered egodie and let it run your life. You were handed a gold mine on a platterand you were too f****** lazy to lift a fingerso it serves you well that you got nothing for your effort and moneybecause you are the swine in front of whom the pearls have been cast.pathetic pathetic patheticwhining in your little groups poor’s a message from a master.cram it up your ass and go f*** yourselves.

  30. it looks like you might be moderating my previous inputwell I did not write out the F word I used punctuation and I’m also from Denmark and I’ve never heard of the mark guy before .and one more thing whatever mental deficiencies people come into school with it is obvious that they leave with the same has been pointed out many times before this isn’t for everyone not everyone has the courage to let go of their alter ego.because with that comes tremendous responsibility andradical changes in your lifeand an adventure of un imaginable the few thousand dollars I spent in school is nothing compared to the $100,000 that potentialunsuccessful surgerieswould have little side effectfrom becoming so powerful in your own life you may get a self confidence that is unshakableand the ability to handle whatever life throws at youeven if you used to be at timid insecure little deceased man.and compassion oh we have it in bucket loadsbecause we really feel with all people that would choose limitation over unlimitedinner power and an intuition that never steers you wrong, and you will choose your journeys may you find joy in your own way

  31. ok one more time and then I will shut up.I too have had my doubts but did not let it be the ruling voiceand after testing the tools I came to the equitable conclusion that this s*** works so I dont give a tiny rat’s ass where the information comes from it could have been a laundry woman from the Bronxthe reincarnation of a monkeyor two hundred thousand year old alienbut it was a 35 thousand year old warriorso I approached it with an open mind and said what the f*** let’s give it a go.even if it was as some X students claim it was a split personality from JZ.I don’t care because it worksand I didn’t go to school to worship anyone or sit on soft pillows I came to heal myself.mission accomplishedand if any of you doubters dare suggest that it was a placebo effect fine I’ll take itbut I got hundreds of times more out of it than I put into ittake a few thousand dollars invested in the stock market and you may get lucky and get a few more thousand or lose it all and don’t get jack s***. It doesn’t look like this forum has a lot of readers so I may only be talking to one or two, but thereit is.and I’m sure all of you who is not interested in truth but more interested in being right you can rationalise away my experiences with some psychotic or psycho analytic intellectual mumbo jumbo.but again the proof is in the pudding I had the courage to stay you didn’t.godspeed to you all whatever you may think that is.pS I really really have an unimaginable amount of compassion for all of youwho are too afraid to wake up.put that in your pipe and smoke it lol

  32. Pps I was a current student for six to seven years, but never stopped doing the work.

  33. The greatest Teaching I have ever experienced!! No one forced me to go, & I got beyond unbelievable results. It scientifically taught me how to find my inner self.

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