Guy LaLiberte – From Street Performer to Billionaire


Barbara Walters interviews Cirque Du Soleil founder Guy LaLiberte.

“One of the things that makes billionaires successful is their reaction to failure.”
– Robert Frank, Wall Street Journal

That is such a great quote. Maybe not in the context of billionaires, but in the context that to be successful there is usually a lot of risks and with that comes occasional failure. It’s how we react and use those failures that can help propel us to each new chapter and goal.

I had posted several months ago a quote from a movie producer (I think it was Tim Burton) who said, paraphrased: “How we succeed as adults depends on how much we believe the bad things people told us as children.” Or, what we can achieve depends on whether or not we believe the people that say we can’t do it.

I’ve worked for Cirque Du Soleil for almost four years now and have met Guy LaLiberte. I don’t know him well, but I would take a guess that money is not what fueled his initial drive and work – it was about creativity and creating interesting art. He’s pretty dang inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Guy LaLiberte – From Street Performer to Billionaire

  1. The power and beauty of the mind are extraordinary, as Mr. LaLiberte has so amply demonstrated.

    His dreams incubate in the invisible, just as everyone’s, but he exhibits utter fearlessness when it comes to communicating the ponderings of his imagination.

    Audiences literally witness Mr. LaLiberte’s inner musings, dressed in costume, and pushing all limitations. He awakens our desire to escape the boundaries of the finite, and experience the joys of untethered thought.

    In a great paradox, his dreams have become reality, and a lesson from which we may be empowered to achieve our own!

  2. Laura that was beautifully expressed.

    I mean really, there is a whole book or two here of info to glean from people like this. Things like “The Secret” (which I think is bull, FYI), Nike’s “Just Do It”, Steve Jobs’ drive, the inventor who is happy at his failed attempt because he knows he’s one step closer to the working model; all these are different expressions of the same thing.

    It’s inspiring.

    At some point in time there will be a reader who surfts here by chance and is reading these words. They are looking for support to do something absolutely wonderful. So here’s your support: Do it!

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