Ivan Rebroff – Evening Bells


The song ‘Evening bells’ in russian (Вечерний звон – Vecherny svon – Abendglocken – Les cloches du soir) by Ivan Rebroff.

This song brings back memories. My father used to endlessly play a record of Ivan Rebroff singing “Evening Bells”. One of my favorite Russian songs.

Lyrics :

Those ev’ning bells those ev’ning bells,
How many a tale their music tells
Of youth and home and that sweet time,
When last I heard their soothing chime…

Вечерний звон, вечерний звон!
Как много дум наводит он
О юных днях в краю родном,
Где я любил, где отчий дом…

O Abendlied, o Glockenklang,
Wie rühret mich dein holder Sang.
Weckst Sehnsuchtsdrang in meiner Brust
Nach Jugendzeit und Liebeslust…

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