Off to Boracay


Off to Boracay, Philippines with some friends for a few days. The vacations while living in Asia are mind blowing and amazing. Information on Boracay here:

This will be my first trip to the Philippines. I know a few phrases in Tagalog (Tah-gah-loh) because I have many Filipina friends in Macau, but I hope to learn a few more. 🙂

One thought on “Off to Boracay

  1. it’s “Ta-GA-log” not (Tah-gah-loh)

    and if you’re going to Boracay, go to Willy’s! It’s one of the few really nice resorts with a non-pretentious atmosphere. Service is amazing and so is the food. The staff are so cheerful and fun to talk to. Hope you get to enjoy more trips to the Island! 🙂

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