Brisbane, Australia photos – July 2023

On to Australia with Cirque du Soleil starting with Brisbane as we make our way performing down the East Coast. Highlights for me were visiting the Australia Zoo (the conservation park of the Steve Irwin family), the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Museum of Natural History and of course the wonderful restaurants in Brisbane

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In music, what is Timbre?

Timbre (pronounced “tamber” or “tam-bur”) refers to the unique quality or character of a sound that distinguishes it from other sounds with the same pitch and volume. It is also known as tone color or sound color. Timbre is what allows us to distinguish between different musical instruments or voices, even when they are playing or singing the same pitch at the same volume.

Timbre is determined by several factors, including the harmonic content, envelope, and spectral characteristics of a sound. Harmonic content refers to the specific combination and strength of overtones or harmonics present in a sound, which gives it its unique tonal color. Envelope refers to the way in which a sound changes over time, including its attack (how it starts), sustain (how it sustains), and decay (how it ends). Spectral characteristics refer to the overall frequency distribution of a sound, which affects its timbral characteristics.

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What is Musical Form?

Musical form refers to the structure or organization of a piece of music. It encompasses the way in which different musical sections are arranged and related to each other, creating a sense of coherence and shape within the composition. Musical form provides a framework for organizing musical ideas and elements, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and texture, to create a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing musical experience.

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Auckland, New Zealand photos

A wonderful two weeks in Auckland, New Zealand complete with a hike through the Karamatura Valley rainforest, views from the Sky Tower, visiting the WETA Workshop film special effects center and of course the wonderful natural landscapes of the New Zealand north island.

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Check out my photos from Hobbiton (The Shire) here:

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What is Musical Intelligence?

Musical intelligence, also known as musical aptitude or musicality, refers to an individual’s ability to understand, appreciate, and engage with music in various ways. It is one of the multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, which suggests that intelligence is not solely measured by IQ, but can manifest in different forms, including musical intelligence.

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Christchurch, New Zealand photos – June 2023

A lovely three weeks in Christchurch, New Zealand. These are photos in Christchurch proper, the Botannical Gardens and view from the nearby Gondola ride up a mountainside. The Botannical Gardens were so beautiful (even at the start of New Zealand winter) that I went three times for leisurely strolls.

Christchurch, NZ had a major earthquake in 2011 that destroyed many homes and buildings. They are still rebuilding. A unique aspect to this is that many of the sides of the buildings have been opened up to street artists for mural paintings. I love street art and I haven’t seen this much street art in a city since visiting Hamburg, Germany earlier this year.

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Hobbiton photos at Lord of the Rings filming location in Matamata, New Zealand

I’ve been in New Zealand for a month now and have had the opportunity to visit a few of the filming locations for the Lord of the Rings movies. By far my favorite has been “Hobbiton” in Matamata, New Zealand. Hobbiton is about 3 hours outside of Auckland and is the location of the Hobbit “Shire” where Bilbo Baggins and Frodo lived. A beautiful landscape on a still-working farm complete with rolling green hills, sheep and over 40 hobbit holes carved into the hillsides. Part of the tour was drinking ale at the Green Dragon tavern and walking across the bridge that Gandalf went across to enter the Shire in the Lord of the Rings movies. All my friends also enjoyed this tour so I highly recommend it (and you can also get a tour that includes the Glow Worm caves in Waitomo)

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