Disneyland Paris photos

Here are photos I took at Disneyland Paris with a Sony A7 iv camera and alternating lenses of Sony GM 35mm f1.4 and Sony GM 24-70mm f2.8. (I keep going back to the 35mm for it’s clarity and great video ability in low light)

On tour break I had the awesome opportunity to spend four days at Disneyland Paris. It was so much fun! My favorite is always the Disneyland park but I also enjoyed the Walt Disney Studios lot (in California that would be the “California Adventure” lot). I got my Premier Access pass and whizzed through the lines and THAT was fun too.

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Antwerp, Belgium photos

I was lucky to have 4 days off in Antwerp, Belgium before we started performing our Cirque du Soleil shows. The central old town is absolutely beautiful. On a private historical walking tour I learned how Antwerp used to have canals but they were covered up long ago (which provides for interesting, winding street patterns.

Here are some photos I took while in Antwerp, Belgium. Street photography style with a Sony A7 iv and two different lenses: a Sony GM 35mm f1.4 and a Sony GM 24-70mm f2.8 zoom. I’m really partial to my fixed 35mm for street photography but it was nice to get some wider shots with the zoom down at 24mm

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Brussels, Belgium photos

We had a wonderful time performing the Cirque du Soleil “CRYSTAL” show at the Palais12 arena in Brussels, Belgium. Here are some street photography photos I took while exploring the wonderful city of Brussels. Chocolate, Flemish stew, waffles – I’d come back just for the food!

All these photos with a Sony A7 iv camera and Sony GM 35mm f1.4 lens

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Brugge, Belgium photos (Bruges)

While performing with Cirque du Soleil in Brussels, Belgium – I took a day trip to Brugge. I loved it so much that I went back and spent another three days there. It’s known as a “magical medeival fairytale city”.  Buildings in this town go back to the 14th century and earlier. I was told that during World War II there was an agreement not to harm the city, so it escaped the destruction that destroyed so many other medieval towns in Europe.

Whenever I mention Brugge, anyone who’s been there says “that’s my favorite city” if they’ve been there. It was so peaceful, beautiful, delicious food and even some windmills. The night photography in Bruges was so much fun with all the canals and narrow alleys with cobblestone roads. I hope you enjoy some of these photos. On a final note, what is the correct spelling? My local guide spells it “Brugge” but the famous movie with Colin Farrell is spelled “In Bruges”. Maybe more than one spelling is okay…..

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Ghent, Belgium photos

Ghent, Belgium. Another absolutely stunning city with breathtaking architecture. My travels in Belgium have been so lovely as I’ve been exploring the cities of Bruges, Ghent and Brussels. Also had a chance to hear the Brussels Philharmonic perform live in performances of the Brahms Symphony #2 and Schumann Violin Concerto in A minor. A wonderful week for exploration and photography!

For these photos I’m using a Sony A7 iv with a Sony G-Master 35mm f1.4 lens

Photos of Barcelona, Spain

Photos from my two weeks in Barcelona, Spain playing music for the Cirque du Soleil ice skating show Crystal. After taking photos in Lisbon I wanted to improve my photography so these are my first photos with my Sony A7 iv camera (and a G-Master 35mm f1.4 lens). Special thanks to professional photographer Diego Patitucci for giving me tips on night photography with my new camera


Photos of Lisbon and Sintra, Portugal

Photos from Portugal in the cities of Lisbon and Sintra. We are performing in Lisbon, Portugal for two weeks with the Cirque du Soleil ice-skating show “Crystal” and have really been enjoying our days off and exploring the cities. Christmas in Lisbon is beautiful with lots of lights and decorations around the city. Here my photos focus more on the street art and architecture of Lisbon and Sintra.

Photos of Crystal by Cirque du Soleil in Malaga, Spain

Photos by Hugo Cortes of Crystal by Cirque du Soleil in Malaga, Spain in December 2022. This is in the middle of our European Tour of Cirque du Soleil’s only ice-skating touring show “Crystal”. A couple shots in here of me playing accordion on stage during the Malaga, Spain run. Thank you Hugo Cortes for the wonderful live photos of our Cirque du Soleil performance!