Recording Studio Open Again

ozzie_don_rugg_2small.jpgRoad Records is back open again after a very long hiatus. The gear was brought up from California back in August and it’s all setup, but I kind of kept it a secret because I was enjoying working on my own projects. I’ve signed contracts on the first Road Records album to be produced iup here in Washington, so I guess it’s officially open now. Visit the Road Records recording studio website.

I won’t be advertising, will just be word of mouth. I’m happy to work on any original music, corporate soundtracks, film scores, remixes – basically anything that’s original and creative. No demos, karaoke, duplication or cheezy things of that sort this time around. Just serious original music.

beethoven_cool.jpgThe studio is set up very well for doing complete orchestral soundtracks and hip hop music. The work that I’m REALLY into is working with solo artists and songwriters on CD projects, doing soundtracks for video and film, sound effects and specialized foley for theatre, and working on new music works for church and theatre.

Many artists contact me to help with promotion, but that’s not my thing. I’m into audio production.


2 thoughts on “Recording Studio Open Again

  1. Hello Conrad,

    My name is Richie, Im staying here at the veneition in Macau..I play keyboards at the Billini Lounge. I am really interested in doing about 4 to 5 original tunes before I return home at the end of this month…If you are interested and have available studio time please contact me…


  2. Hi Richie,
    Nice to meet you, hope you like the Bellini. All my studio gear is back in the US, so I don’t have a full setup right now in Macau. I used a studio in Hong Kong back in December 08 that used ProTools HD, but not really a Los Angeles style pre-production style room like we’re used to.

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