Steel Magnolias – ACT Theater Anacortes, WA – February 2013




Steel Magnolias, the 1987 stage play by Robert Harling. Presented by ACT Theater in Anacortes, WA January 25 thru February 16, 2013.

A great presentation by ACT Theater of Anacortes. They gave fair warning to grab tissues at intermission in preparation for Act Two. Many around me were, as promised, “crying and then laughing through tears”.

All of the actresses were phenomenal in their respective dramatic and comedic moments. Carolyn Travis as M’Lynn had the juicy script lines to create the “laughter through tears” and the cast was very strong in supporting those moments.


  • Anelle – Tiana Smith
  • Truvy – Carla Hurst
  • Clairee – Karen McCallum
  • Shelby – Chloe Roberts
  • M’Lynn – Carolyn Travis
  • Ouiser – Valerie Thomas
  • Cameo Cross Overs: Judy Crane, Willow McLaughlin, Melissa Bridges and Marilyn Pinquoch


  • Director – Judy Hendrix
  • Assistant Director – Susan Myers Buszta
  • Production/Stage Manager – Mary Settera Hendrix
  • Set Design/Construction Leader – Billy Hendrix
  • Set Dressing – Jackie Anderson
  • Set Painting – Malcolm Taylor, Nate Taylor, Jackie Anderson, Lora Haversack, Chris Nickerson, Russ Haversack, Raido McComas
  • Set Construction – Billy Hendrix, Bruce Rolfe, Bud Anderson, Tim Brown
  • Poster – Breanna Savage
  • Costumes/Props – Cast and Crew
  • Light Design – Tim Brown
  • Light Technician – Nikolas Patterson
  • Photography – Paula Taylor, Malcolm Taylor
  • Sound Effects – Willow McLaughlin
  • Front of House – Barbara Gully
  • Dinner Theater – Sandy Childs, Rick Sohn, Vic Childs, Carol Lee Olsen, Les Olsen, Darla Pyke, Cheryl Reid

Wikipedia – Steel Magnolias

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