Sweet Satisfaction of Plot Points

I’m working on a theater piece and developing plot points between scenes and characters. It’s like being a detective going through the dramatic arcs of a scene and bridging the scenes together. Then matching motivation and obstacles so they are balanced and realistic.

On several occasions, most occasions, there was a subsequent action that didn’t quite sit well with me. I would make a note that it doesn’t work and later *DING* – the concept that makes it work becomes apparent to me.

I’ve noticed when I feel it works and jot down the note, that I’ve been smiling to myself. It’s a feeling of sweet satisfaction. Like getting the turn of the frosting just right on top of a cake.

Of course it’s all in my mind. There’s sure to be more revelations where I say “Why in the heck did I write that?”. Then the same process of frustration and mulling it over. And another new remedy. More sweet satisfaction.

I’ve lived in the real world and I’ve lived in the imaginary. The imaginary world is more fun.

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