TAG Auditions for Christmas Carol – Mount Vernon, WA

Theater Arts Guild (TAG) auditions for the musical A Christmas Carol will be held September 9 and 10, 2008 at Lincoln Elementary School auditorium in Mount Vernon, WA. Singers, dancers and actors with talent of all ages, ethnicities, and “body types”! Parts for up to 60 actors! Show opens Nov.14 at McIntyre Hall in Mount Vernon. For appointments check the TAG website for detailed audition tips and information about the show at www.theaterartsguild.org.

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2 thoughts on “TAG Auditions for Christmas Carol – Mount Vernon, WA

  1. What a horrible theater company, full of small town politics. When the people funding the show and picking the cast, want their kids and themselves to also be in the cast it equals nothing but a poorly done, poorly acted show. Too many people with large egos, that actully think they can act, sing and dance. There has been some good talent, but the adults that run the show need to get a life, and relize that no matter what they think, they aill be nothing more than a very sad community theater actor, taking no risks, that will never become famous, except in Mount Vernon….and maybe Burlinton. And that, is saying very little.

  2. I think it is interesting you post this comment on my website of all places.

    I am one of the adults that has “run the show” as you say with TAG of Skagit. Having seen the inner workings first hand for several shows, and having been on their board – I do not share your perspective. In fact, I think your comments are categorically incorrect.

    And for your comment that those same adults “will never become famous in Mount Vernon or Burlington” is very telling. Many of us who have spent our lives working in the arts have a different core drive to our work than “becoming famous.”

    And as for those same people you say need “to get a life”. I guess that is open to perception. In my particular case, being one of the same group you seem to understand so well, if you think my resume counts as “not having a life”, then by definition you have received the win in your closed debate. I would be surprised if many agreed with you.

    I have found life to be more effective for me when I look within for the catalyst of change than without. Are your perceptions helping you or hindering you?

    I mean that last part in the kindest way. I believe it to be one of the most important aspects of the personal development of an artist; to step outside themselves and see things from a well rounded view.

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