The Number One Conversation in Asia

Thought someone might find this interesting. This is the #1 conversation in Asia right now between residents and Americans:

Chinese: Where you from?
American: From America.
Chinese: *smile* America very good. You like Obama?
American: Yes, very much.
Chinese: *Big Smile* I also like Obama.

Now we’re best friends… I’ve had this same conversation in Macau, Vietnam and Thailand. Everyone is happy.

Koh Samed Thailand


Just got back from two weeks in Vietnam and Thailand. In Vietnam went to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and to the coast in Vung Tao. In Thailand started in Bangkok and went down the coast to Se Racha, Pattaya and Koh Samed.

The island of Koh Samed (Ko Samet, Ko Sahmet) was my favorite. I’m not so good at putting videos together so here’s someone else’s video of Koh Samed for the time being. Not a lot of Americans go to this island, it’s mainly Russians and Germans – so go there if you can while it’s still fairlly pristine and undeveloped.

I met many people who go there every year, or many times a year. And for good reason – it was just perfect.

Tourist Scams and American Guilt

One thing I have learned (or should I say real world lessons I have paid for) while being in Southeast Asia is how naive and guilty Americans are. When we are traveling abroad our guilt is used as a powerful leverage tool to part us from our money.

Two things to keep in mind when traveling in tourist areas in Southeast Asia:

  1. There are police EVERYWHERE and they are there to protect you. You will probably not get outright rolled over or beat up just minding your own business. (Although there’s always pickpockets.)
  2. The police can NOT protect you from simply being overcharged. So the main tool of the scam artist is using guilt to get your money. And guess who the number one easiest target is to use the guilt trip? Americans!

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