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Tattoo designs and ideas. Japanese tattoo artist Tetsuo is visiting Macau to do tattoo’s for Cirque artists. I like the fun Chinese dragons on the upper arms and also the lady’s face in the circle. I’ve wanted a dragon tattoo for quite a while.


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  1. Email received:
    Hi, maybe you can help me. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I wanna tattoo me the dragon that appears in this site in 19th place. Is a dragon of Andy Shou. But I need more photos of it. I was looking for more images but just could find the front one. I need to copy the back part of the draw. If you’re not sure what photo I’m talking about please tell me an email where I could send you the photo.
    Thanks and sorry for my english!

    Hi Leandro,
    I got these images from portfolios of recommended tattoo websites, and also from searching Google Images.

    I did get a tattoo myself of a dragon similiar to number 20. I showed this image to the tattoo artist and he was able to design the complete tattoo from scratch based on that image.

    My tattoo artist for this has done MANY dragons, which is one of the reasons I had him do this – because he was comfortable in the design.

    So I would recommend a tattoo artist who is familiar with the type of design you want. I paid a lot of money for my tattoo (I won’t post how much), but was happy to do so because I have seen the work of this tattoo artist on many other people – and his work was always very good.

    I hope that helps…

  2. Awesome designs! I know a decent amount about Chinese and the symbolism of Japanese tattoos and have a pretty excellent expert with me.This creative style are visible all over is days.

  3. hi, is there any chance you can post the back images of image number 19, really keen on that design.

    thank you

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