Witches! the Musical – 2013 Trailer

2013 trailer for my show Witches! the Musical. This trailer contains clips from the October 2012 community theater premiere at the Lincoln Theater in Mount Vernon, WA. The next run of this Salem musical will be June 2014 at the Whitby Courthouse Theater in Ontario, Canada.

Thank you so much for the awesome support of the Theater Arts Guild, cast, crew and local audiences. It was a very exciting and fulfilling run for us and your feedback was very generous in helping us bring the show to it’s next level.

One thought on “Witches! the Musical – 2013 Trailer

  1. What amazing things are created when a group of variously talented individuals join together!

    From the mind of the author, to the vision of the director, to the inspiration buried within the actor,an idea does indeed ‘take wings and fly’!

    Congratulations to everyone who helped knit this work together; you’ve delighted the eye and ear, entertained, and caused audiences to think. Well done!

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