WoW Flight Paths – Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor Maps

Flight paths for WoW (World of Warcraft) – Includes windrider flight routes for Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Click each graphic for full size image.

Azeroth Map – WoW Flight Paths


Kalimdor Map – WoW Flight Paths


20 thoughts on “WoW Flight Paths – Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor Maps

  1. that one in Marshall’s refuge isn’t just alliance.
    I guess there isn’t one for horde in Blasted Lands huh?

  2. you’re map is not complete
    it missing up of Kingdom of the East the wood eternal songs

    sorry of my mistake I’m french!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Of course it’s incomplete mate, just look at the date : april 2007 … That’s still the old Silithus or you don’t even have the Thorium Point…

  4. Yes, this is a couple years old now. I started playing WoW again recently and downloaded Wrath of the Lich King. Have my Orc Hunter up to level 70 – it’s a long road to 80!

  5. You’ve saved me hours of finding where everything is.

    And I can relate to how long it takes from 70 upwards.

    After my mum died my son got me into wow to get my mind off things…. wow did it work… nearly got me divorced in the meantime!

    Cheers and thanks again

  6. Liked the map , but another Flight Point that’s missing is the Neutral one located in the Ghostlands in front/just west of the Zul’Aman gate where that Instance begins. Of course you have to be able to get into the Ghostlands (after many deaths if you’re below lvl 50) North of the Eastern Plaguelands. I died many deaths ;-> but was able to enter at lvl 20. Crossing the Plaguelands even mounted I died about 8 times I can’t imagine how many times my character would have bit it if I had tried it on foot.

  7. here here to the getting in trouble for playing warcraft. My kids get mad that i play so level 43 in a month…..good thing they cant divorce me!

  8. Looks good but can’t find an alliance flight master in Aszhara. The flight master at the Talrendis Point is gone with Cataclysm. It’s a real pain to get to this area.

  9. You missed a couple FPs (otherwise, beautiful job with the maps):
    – Thorium Point
    – Morgan’s Vigil
    – Marshal’s Refuge
    – Cenarion Hold
    – Ratchet

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