50 Ways to Appreciate Your Tech Crew

Technical crews in the arts are notorious for not being appreciated. They work so hard backstage to make everything work right. If they do their job well, they are almost invisible as everything flows with effortless ease to make the cast look good on stage.

So if you’re involved in musical theater, plays, drama, music bands or anything that uses a tech crew – take time out to let them know you appreciate what they do. Because truth is, things wouldn’t look very good without them!

The Crew is all those people backstage who work so hard to make you look good. They include the guys on the fly rail, the girls who move sets on and off, the prop ladies, the Stage Manager, the guys who mike you up, the lighting guy, the people in the dressing area who help with costumes and make-up and the backstage parent volunteers.

Here are some ways to show your appreciation:

1. Learn their names.
2. Say “Thank you!”
3. Smile at them.
4. Bring them a cookie.
5. Clap when they enter the building.
6. Buy them a flower
7. Leave anonymous “Thank You” notes for them backstage.
8. Compose a poem extolling their contribution.
9. Give them a Starbuck’s gift certificate.
10. Slap them on the back and say “Atta boy/girl!”
11. Post a “Thank you” ad in the Personals section of the Want Ads.
12. Make them feel welcome in the Green Room.
13. Wear deodorant.
14. Decorate a personal water bottle for them.
15. Ask for their autographs.
16. Dedicate a performance to them.
17. Be respectful.
18. Bake them a cake.
19. Tell your friends and family how important the crew is to the
20. Polish an apple and give it to them.
21. Tell them they’re doing a good job.
22. Share a joke with them.
23. Bring a tub of red licorice sticks to share with them.
24. Chat with them.
25. Stay out of their way when they are trying to do their job.
26. Put up a big “Thank You!” poster backstage with all their names
on it.
27. Pick up after yourself.
28. Take their picture.
29. Send them a greeting card.
30. Tell them they look good in black.
31. To the fly rail guys say “Oooo, you’re strong!”
32. Wave at them in the parking lot.
33. Give them a complimentary nickname.
34. Tell them they’re cool.
35. Offer them an Altoid.
36. Take an interest in what they do.
37. Say hi to them when you see them away from the theater.
38. Wear an “I love the Stage Crew” tee shirt.
39. Give them a McDonalds gift certificate.
40. Remember to thank them when you receive your Oscar.
41. Tell them you’ve named a goldfish after them.
42. Knit them a black sweater.
43. Ask them about their favorite backstage story.
44. Be cheerful.
45. Let them read your newspaper.
46. “Groove” with them.
47. Tell them they’re your hero.
48. Respect their “space”.
49. Tell other people nice things about them.
50. Write “Thank You” messages on a banana (peel) with a Sharpie
and give it to them.

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